Why a self-drive road trip in Delhi makes it special for an outsider?

Coming to Delhi from another state of India means a lot of cultural shock for everyone, which is particularly impressive in every way. The Delhi-ites have a unique and positive way of living, which makes them look forward to future in a cheerful manner. Delhi is not overestimated; it deserves the reputation it has earned. You do not have to be any expert to judge in just a day the way people perceive their lives in this national capital. If you are new to Delhi, you just need a day’s trip around the city to experience these unique things.
Delhi is huge .

Leaving from one place to reach the other is no less than a battle in Delhi. If you go out on the roads during office hours, you may feel like every Delhiite has come out on the streets with a car, bike, or scooter of their own. The roads in some parts of Delhi are so crowded that you will feel like never escaping from them. However, the best part about this place is that most people have the driving sense and everyone tends to drive in their own lane. You may even find the Delhi-ites volunteering to clear the traffic in case they are stuck. Having a genuine sense of responsibility on roads is something you do not witness in every city in India, which is what makes even the massive traffic in Delhi run smoothly.

The well-dressed crowd

Unlike other cities of the country, you will find almost everyone screaming for distinctiveness. Fashion does not scare Delhiites, and they at least try nearly every new thing with ease. They do not feel shy of dressing up well or facing the criticism of even their family members, as people often do in small towns of India if you go out to the market. This is another factor that makes Delhi inspiring to the outsiders.

The mouth-watering food

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, whether you eat from a roadside food joint or an upmarket restaurant, you are sure to get delectable food. Delhi has something to offer to every food lover. If you are a foodie coming from any other place, you will find your local delicacies as well as the continental cuisines with the Indian touch in Delhi.

Delhi is beautiful

Roam around in your car in the capital city of India, and you will find it brimming with beautiful places and people. If you do not want to feel tired driving in the massive traffic, you can hire a chauffeur-driven cab. Else, if you love driving, you can hire a Car Rental in Delhi without Driver and drive around the city to explore the innumerable historical monuments, malls, gardens, markets, and what not.

There is a reason for Delhi being the capital

The capital of India is not made the capital without any reason; the government and the citizens have put in significant efforts to make it what it is today. The city is fast-paced and well-developed, and you will fall in love with its wide roads, the flourishing nightlife, the brimming metros, the student rallies, and many such things. Delhi welcomes people from various cities and countries to make a living for themselves and make the place their home forever.

The stories about pollution

There used to be a time when you could complain about pollution in Delhi, but the government and the people have made commendable efforts to reduce the pollution successfully. You will find Delhi greener than most tier-2 cities in India. Only a few cities in India like Chandigarh can be said green; else most metropolitans suffer from pollution. However, we can do nothing about heat in the weather, so it is better to hire Self-Driven Cars Delhi if you want to visit places.

The shopper’s paradise

Having a few hundred bucks in your pocket? Do not worry; you can go to Sarojini Nagar Market, Palika Bazaar, Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market, and shop for fancy clothes, shoes, and accessories without worrying about their cost. You can find many fancy things for really cheap prices and be contended that you didn’t overpay for them. And, if you want to spend thousands on shopping, there is no dearth of places for such kind of shopping as well. 
The confidence in people

The Delhi-ites have the confidence oozing out of their personality, and it shows when they walk even in the simplest of their clothes. You can see people walking around in Pajamas in the malls and still be easy about it. Just a look on their face and you will realize that the person has some substance in them. This, of course, is again unparalleled in other metropolitans of the country.