Why should MyChoize Self-Drive Cars be your Choize in India?

Is your family coming over for the long weekend? Has your car gone to the garage for servicing? Planning a trip for a long weekend but don’t have a car? All your questions just have one answer- MyChoize Self-Drive Cars. When you can have a Self-Drive Car dropped at and picked from your doorstep, why do you need to pay more for a chauffeur-driven cab? MyChoize is a Self-Drive Car Rental company, owned by ORIX, Japan’s second largest company in this segment currently operating in nine Indian cities- Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.

Japan- the name of this country itself assures high-quality service in every industry they serve. MyChoize is powered by the Japanese brand ORIX, which has been operational in the automobile industry for several decades. Indian travelers have several reasons to travel these days, and we believe that nothing should stop them from doing so. After all, you get only one life to do whatever you want and traveling is just one thing in the list that grabs your eyeballs forever in life. You will always have a thousand excuses for not traveling, but just one reason to do it- satisfy your soul.

Taking a road trip gives immense pleasure and contentment that no other mode of transport can give. You never know what lies ahead of you on the highways; the mix of anxiety and excitement drives you to reach your destination as soon as possible. If you are a relaxed person, you may want to drive at a sluggish pace, enjoying the scenery along the roads, and still reach your destination in time. You realize the wastefulness of driving swiftly when you can do it gently.

However, many of you may wonder how you can enjoy driving when none of your friends are willing to lend you a car? Well, you just don’t need to borrow a car, you can rent it from MyChoize at affordable prices and drive it to unlimited kilometers. MyChoize lets you pick from a wide range of cars from its fleet, and you can enjoy your road trip with complete freedom and privacy. When you have a driver driving your car, you have to wait for him to reach you, which may take a lot of time every so often. Moreover, you cannot have complete privacy, or you may not like his driving style, which may be too sluggish or rash. Driving the car yourself is the only way that gives complete satisfaction. You have MyChoize Self-Drive Cars in India under your budget, and they come with several benefits.

How does the concept of Self-Drive Cars work?

You may have several reasons to rent a car rather than buying one. In fact, many car owners these days rent Self-Drive Cars for outstation trips for several reasons, one of which is escaping the hassle of maintaining and paying for their own car as no one else may come forward when needed at the time of emergency. MyChoize Self-Drive Car rentals give a lot of benefits when it comes to the convenience of the customer. Just book a Self-Drive Car, pick it up from the pre-set location or have it delivered to your doorstep, and leave for your road trip leaving behind the worries of your workplace or home.

How to book MyChoize Self-Drive Cars?

When you want to book a car from MyChoize, you have two options:

• Open the web page, https://www.mychoize.com/, and select the city where you want the car. 
• Enter the dates and time during which you would like to have the car. 
• Click Search Cars.
• On the next webpage, you will find the list of available cars from the fleet of MyChoize. You will find everything from the hatchbacks to SUVs to luxury sedans.
• On the left side of the same page, you can apply filters to the search results to make your choize easier according to your budget, preference, mileage, car type, fuel type, and gear type. 
• Click Book Now button given on the right side of every car icon along with its estimated car rental.
• On the subsequent webpage, you need to select the pickup and drop off location for your selected car. If you want to car delivered and picked up from your doorstep, you can choose the first option, At my Address, which attracts a nominal charge in the total billing amount.
• Here, you will also see the total cost of your car rental including the refundable deposit and applicable taxes. The Company refunds the security deposit as soon as you return the car. On this page, you can also add the chargeable accessories to the car such as GPS device, luggage carrier, and baby seat. 
• Before clicking the proceed button, see if you have any coupon code to reduce the car rental. Enter the coupon code in the space given above the Payable Amount icon and click Apply. Click Proceed once you are sure that you have entered all the details correctly.
• On the next page, Login or Sign Up with your credentials. You will find your User Info after you log in. Click Proceed to Checkout.
• Read the terms and conditions and attest the box titled, I have read the MyChoize Terms and Conditions’. Click Pay Now.
• Choose the payment method and make payment. You will receive the confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number and an email on your registered email address.

Once your booking of the car rental is confirmed, you just need to wait for the day when you want to leave for your road trip, and the Self-Drive Car will arrive at your designated address and time.

Benefits of renting a Self-Drive Car

With MyChoize, you have a wide range of benefits when you rent a car of your choize: 
• You can rent a Self-Drive Car on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 
• With MyChoize, you have the choize of unlimited kilometers, which means you do not have to keep a stack of fuel slips to get the reimbursement for fuel expenses. 
• MyChoize offers a wide range of latest cars in its fleet. 
• MyChoize doesn’t levy any hidden charges, so you can rest assured that you do not have to pay anything beyond the billing amount. 
• You can be sure of the lowest fares of Self-Drive Cars in this segment in India.
• All costs for pollution, tax, or insurance are included. 
• In case, the rented car meets an accident; the company gives priority to the customer safety rather than seeking payment for damage to the car. Your liability is limited to the amount of security deposit only, regardless of the reason for the accident.

MyChoize Self-Drive Car Rental gives you the freedom to enjoy your trip rather than counting the kilometers or worry about the cost of car rental. You can pay the lump sum amount of rent in advance and be free of the ambiguity of the rising bill.