Skipping Steps. An insert from my book “The Purpose of Singleness”.

God has laid out the blueprint for your life and it involves taking the proper steps to ensure that you grow and mature. What we often fail to realize is that each step is important and when we rush through these steps it is dangerous. Satan loves it when we rush, because when we rush we “Ruin, Uproot, Shift, and Hinder” our growth and development. We need to remember that we are programmed to be impulsive and impatient. This system is designed for us to be discontent with the step we are on and rush ahead to the next stage. ALL steps matter. God desires for you to live your life under an umbrella of patience. He knows that in order for you to be who he purposed you to be, you have to be guided by patience. Think of a child and the necessary steps that must be taken in order for him to grow. Before he can run, he must walk; before he can walk, he must crawl. Imagine if he never learned to crawl — he wouldn’t have the ability to play sports or do the normal things that other children can. He cannot skip the crawling stage — it is essential.

Everything in life is predicated on the step or stage before it. You cannot get to steps 10, 11, or 12, until you complete steps one through nine. God has a purpose for you in this exact moment and His timing is perfect. He holds the definition of everything — have you checked His dictionary lately? Have you sought His face to find out who you are? If you want to be promoted and get to the next stage, you have to understand how God works. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He does everything in order. This does not mean that you have to be perfect for Him to promote you — you just have to be aware of His purposes for you and follow His perfect order. You have to ask yourself is your soul, mind, and body are healthy. Have you allowed yourself to be washed with His word? Have you allowed yourself to get to know Him? Have you let go of any hidden sins? Is there perversion in your life?

Self-examination with application leads to promotion. You have to be willing to say “God, before you promote me please make sure that I am ready. Please help me to put my life in order through the leading of your precious spirit.” In order for you to move forward and upward your heart must be humble. Before you reach new heights, your heart must reach new lows. A heart that’s not humble is a heart that isn’t ready for new heights. God loves you and has probably delayed you because he knows how dangerous life is for a person who skips steps. Maturity is obtained one step at a time. God is a God of order and you have to be willing to let Him order your steps. Skipping steps leads nowhere and ultimately leads back to step one. Think back at how many people you have known that skipped steps and had to start over again. Where are you today in your life? Are you living based on God’s original intent for you?

The Purpose of Singleness; by Coach Josh releases on Oct 27th.
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