Growth Hacking: Content & SEO for Bloggers

Growth hacking is currently trending. Traffic and conversions to boost your own blog is actually quite easy — as long as you observe a few rules. Here are a few of the most important ones:

1. Follow the Right Trends
But how does that work? How do we know which themes interest the target group? Countless tools such as Buzzsumo can be helpful in finding out which themes are currently trending in social media.

2. Keywords & SEO
Keywords are essential in making sure your content will be found on the internet. The starting point is to first thoroughly analyze which words to use and with which words you will be found. Tools such as Sistrix or Searchmetrix can provide you with solutions. The next step is the drafting of a keyword list and optimization of the texts and meta tags in your content.

3. Link Building
Link building is a further indispensable tool when it concerns the visibility of your blog. Moderated internal links not only contribute to SEO, they also ease navigation and encourage longer dwell time on the site. External link building is somewhat more difficult. The first step is to link to relevant content of third parties, but also to add links from social networks to your own posts. It is just as important to implement optimized sharing functions that allow visitors to easily share and link the contents. To do this you need the right plug-in, a good excerpt and the right picture.

4. Guest Blogging
Producing your own content is often time-consuming work. By inviting guests to write blog posts you can gain a lot, as they not only generate new content, but also add new content and bring over new readers.

Similarly, the opportunity to write guest posts on third party sites should be taken advantage of. This is a strategy to employ in your own blog.

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