You lost crypto. What now?

Cryptocurrency is inherently risky. It’s a harsh, unforgivable landscape.

That risk becomes exponential when you enter decentralized finance.

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that any of the following may have happened to you:

  • Lost a private key
  • Sent to the wrong address
  • Got phished/scammed
  • Made a poor trade
  • That hot #DeFi protocol pulled the rug
  • Any number of other potential mishaps
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We have ALL made these mistakes.

Literally. All of us have been there in some way, shape, or form. We have all blundered and lost crypto. It’s not an ‘if,’ it’s a ‘when.’

People don’t often talk about their losses because it’s not fun. If someone is in crypto, they’ve been in this boat at some point in time. …

WalletConnect is making it happen.

Until recently, the mobile crypto experience left more to be desired. Thankfully, WalletConnect helps fix this.

WalletConnect enables you to use dapps easily, on both mobile and desktop, via your mobile wallet. It even enables you to connect to MyCrypto so you can have one portfolio view of all your wallets — desktop and mobile.


It’s as simple as scanning a QR code with your phone.

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1. On the add account screen, select WalletConnect, and the Ethereum network.

2. Once you do this, it will display a QR code. Depending on which mobile wallet you are using, you either just scan the QR code the same way you would for any other mobile transaction, or check inside your settings for a WalletConnect option. …

It’s now even easier to manage your accounts from MyCrypto.

MyCrypto Beta 2.2.3 is all about your transactions. Making them faster, fixing the stuck ones, and giving you visibility on all of them. 🤩

Transaction History 📒

You’ll now be able to see an in-depth transaction history of all of the accounts you’ve added to MyCrypto — in a friendly and easy-to-understand format.

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Previously, you were only able to see transactions that you sent via MyCrypto. Now, you’ll see transactions regardless of where they happened!

Speed Up / Cancel Transactions 🏃

Is your transaction taking too long to complete? Let’s fix that! …



MyCrypto makes managing your crypto easy. Create wallets, manage your funds, and interact with the blockchain. Find us at www.mycrypto.com.

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