Why Did My Family Watch the Same Awful Movies Over and Over?
Ben Kassoy

My cousins and I would all get our Disney VHS tapes at the same time because if we didn’t, it was all out war. We would all watch it as many times as possible until we memorized it. Then the next time we saw each other, we would have a contest to see who could recite the movie word for word the farthest.

I watched Mrs. Doubtfire pretty much every day for a long time. I also watched Grease 92 times. I was very intent on counting. I had a Barbie work out video that I frequented. And the Disney Sing-A-Long movies were a big hit.

I am my dad’s only child. He never re-married after my mom. When he had me on the weekends our “thing” was going out to eat and seeing a movie. I really cherished that time with him and now I LOVE movies. I collect DVDs. I’m at 294 right now. They have become my biggest hobby and interest I’d say. I guess because I attach them to the feeling of being close to my dad.

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