Weapons That Are Nonlethal and Safe for Women

In the world today the number of threats of going to a place alone is become higher especially in the late hours and it is mostly faced by women. The safety measures should be taken care in a precise manner by an individual using personal protection products.

Products for personal protection online:

There are many sites which are present in the internet and provide a wider variety of Online Personal Protection products which will be a great help for you to remain safe throughout at any time. In the present the products which are available are usually compact in their shape having a design which is light in weight which helps you to keep it simply into your handbags or purses. The various kinds of products are as follows:

• Kubotans
• Key chains
• Pen knives
• Screecher alarms
• Date rape detectors
• Pocket whistle which is electronically powered etc…

Few of the devices can also be used as best nonlethal weapons since they are designed in a manner which can double up just like a weapon which is non-lethal. These types of devices help you to escape from the situations that are danger. For example: the pocket whistle which is made up of the electronics.

Types of devices:

There are various personal protection devices for women and they are as follows:

Pepper spray:

These are the devices which dispense a mixture which is debilitating of oleoresin capsaicin which causes pain which is severe to the eyes, throat and nose. This is one of the devices which is generally used to protect yourself. These devices are available in various forms such as fogger, gel, foam, stream etc… and it also resembles a pen which is used for writing or the case used for lipstick. This is one of the methods which are the best and not much expensive. Once if you hit the person with this case in the face they will stop whatever they are doing since they do not have any other choice. The assaulter is forced to give up his activities since the sensation of burning which is intense does not allow him to do anything else.

Weapons made like a keychain:

There are few weapons which are designed as a key chain and can be used for self-defence. These are the Kubotans, heart attacks etc…

The heart attack is the sharp edged tool which is present in the key chain to help one punch the attacker. The punch with this knife will cause immense bleeding in the heart and cause chest pain.

Kubotans are the small pieces of cylinder which is made up of metal and is lighter which can be attached to you ring in the key. This can be used to put down the opponent and cause a lot of pain.

Stores in Florida:
The reputed self-defence store Florida has all kinds of products which are used for defence. You can step in to them and check whether they have the products which you need. When you purchase a product ensure that you go through all the details of the product and the way you have to use it.

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