Frequently Asked Questions when using Heerd as a Customer

Quickly rate a person or a place. Recognise those individuals who deliver excellent service and share your favourites with your friends.

What’s in it for me?

First, you get the satisfaction of recognising someone who is giving you great service; they deserve it! Second, as your favourite shops, restaurants and bars begin embracing Heerd, they may (and should) choose to reward you in their own special way for giving your feedback.

How do I rate someone with Heerd?

It’s easy. Simply click the person icon, type in their ID or search via their QR code. Alternatively, once you rate a place you can then easily rate the people who work there.

I’ve noticed I can only rate excellent service for a person. Why?

We believe on focusing on the positive, specifically when it comes to rating a person. Hence, you can only rate good, great or exceptional service.

How do I rate a place with Heerd?

Click Place and locations around you will appear. If you don’t see the location, use the search bar.

Can I see a history of people and places I’ve rated?

Yes! The idea here is to remind you of a great waiter or bartender or sales person in a shop that you’d like to go back to.

How can I invite friends to join Heerd?

Sharing a place or person after you rate them on social channels will show them where to download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

What if I want to rate a customer service agent that I’ve spoken with over the phone or through social media?

If they’ve created a role on Heerd, you just need their Heerd ID to rate them.

What do Heerd points mean?

Your points drive your customer position worldwide against all users in a global league.

Can I redeem my Heerd points for vouchers?

That’s the ultimate goal, yes! But with this being our initial launch we foresee this coming in the future. (We’d also love to hear your ideas on how to redeem Heerd points…)

Who sees the ratings I make?

Both the person and the place you rated will see the ratings you make.

Who sees the comments I make?

The person you rate will not see your comments. Comments are only seen by the place where the person works so they can give constructive feedback.

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