Frequently Asked Questions when using Heerd as an Employee

Heerd allows you to be recognised by your customers for doing what you do best: Providing great service.

What’s in it for me?

So much! First, as Heerd only allows your customers to rate you for good, great or exceptional service, you get to be recognised for what you do best! Second, you get to compete with your work colleagues in a league table by day, week, month and year. Third, as you’re building up a profile of your successes, you can use this data to get a better position (and perhaps a raise if we dare say!).

How do I get rated using Heerd?

You can simply give the customer your Heerd ID, or you can show your unique QR code from your phone (or print out) so they can scan it and pop your profile up on their phone.

What is the league for?

Everyone who’s created a role within a company appears in the league. The positions are based on the number of ratings received and points gained by day, week, month and year. And you progress from being a performer to hot, a star, rock star and ultimately being ‘the one.’

How do I rate someone else when I’m the customer?

If you’re logged into the app as a staff member (the blue pages), click switch roles and select Customer, at which point you can rate service as a customer (the purplish/reddish pages). And of course, you can always switch back to your employee profile.

Can I rate myself and my colleagues?

You cannot rate yourself (a little unfair in our humble opinion) but you can rate your colleagues, once per day.

I have two jobs, can I get rated for each under one login?

Yes. Everyone who registers with Heerd starts life as a customer. You can then create a role for each of the jobs you have, with a unique Heerd ID and QR code. Customers will hence rate you in your appropriate job role.

How do I share my ratings with my boss or friends?

You can show your boss your position in the league tables (or if your boss uses Heerd, he or she can see your position as well as they’ll be in the league automatically). As for sharing your position with your friends, you will soon be able to post your stature and league position on social media.

Can I see which days I’ve been rated?

Yes. By clicking on your profile, you can see on the calendar which days you’ve received a rating and how great it was too!

Can I contact the people that rated me?

No. For privacy reasons, you won’t see the personal details of whoever’s rated you.

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