Frequently Asked Questions when using Heerd for your Business

Track your team’s service standards by individual, location, timeframe and role.

What’s in it for me?

We believe that Heerd will help you create a customer-centric team who deeply care about providing excellent service.

What are the benefits of using Heerd as an employer?

The Heerd Analytics Portal will provide data on team and location performance based on real-time and historical customer feedback. You can also engage directly with your customers through Heerd’s messaging platform, to thank and reward them for their loyalty and feedback.

What benefits will this have for my business?

Monitoring staff performance allows you to improve standards of customer service and reward those who deliver whilst creating a customer centric service culture. You can also market and promote your team’s excellent service through social media and advertising, and you can connect directly with those customers who provide feedback to thank them.

What exactly does Heerd track?

You will be able to analyse customer feedback over time on your team’s service, knowledge, friendliness, and manners. Additionally, you can run statistics on customer feedback on your locations including the service, what’s on offer, your facilities and perceived value. You will also see comments for each employee and location, with filters to analyze performance by roles, locations, dates, etc.

Can I track employees across multiple branches of my business?

Yes, if you have been granted permissions for multiple locations, you will see all staff members across all.

Can I export performance data?

Yes of course! By simply clicking export within your company profile and downloading a full XLS file.

Is all this free?

Sorry! We do need to make a little money and hence there’s a nominal subscription fee based on the number of employees you have. For more information, please email us on and we’ll come right back to you.

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