Selling a home? Advertise it in 5 minutes from your phone — free

Simply put, getting your home’s photos and details in front of as many people as possible who are most likely to be interested in your home is the key. Period. If your home can’t be found by the right people — and be found every day — it can’t be sold.

In fact, if you’re currently selling your home but aren’t advertising it effectively, you’re wasting your time and money. You might as well be flushing $20 bills down the toilet. Advertise it well or resign yourself to the fact it will take longer to sell your home — if it sells at all.

It’s just advertising! Isn’t that simple?

Advertising your home sounds easy enough until you actually get started trying to do it. From the very first step, it quickly becomes an uphill climb.

Today, yard signs, newspaper ads, flyers and even open houses don’t cut it for getting exposure anymore. The vast majority of all home buyers now start their searches online and an increasing number use their phones or tablets. That means in order to get noticed, you have to leverage digital marketing tactics to get in front of buyers. And that means continuous, targeted digital ads and focused digital campaigns running 24x7 across search, social media and mobile.

But how do you do that without a degree in marketing or software engineering?

Well, you can always post your home on your Facebook page. But how many people will see it each and every day that are actually looking to buy in your area? Your friends already know you’re selling. (And what if you don’t want them to know?). For Real estate pros, just take a look at all the posts each day. Countless.

You can also post it on Craigslist too, but ask your family and friends how many of them bought a home they found on that site? Odds are, not one of them have. And it can be more than a little bit scary at times for agents and FSBOS! Yikes.

What about Twitter? You can just tweet it to the world and sell it, right? Well, that’s kinda like whispering in the crowd at an NFL game and hoping everyone hears you. Just take a quick look at how many FSBOs and agents are tweeting about their #newlisting right now.

You can also pay for Facebook ads or Google AdWords ads, but they are VERY expensive, complex to set up and, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing so you can get in front of the right audience, well, it’s just wasting your time and money — while your home sits unsold. I’m sure most of you out there feel the best way to sell your home fast is spend many, many hours learning internet marketing, mastering complex tools and spending 100s or 1000s of dollars a month doing so (SARCASM ALERT!).

Then there’s MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. You know, the service started in the late 1800s that real estate professionals pay high fees to use so they can list their homes in so they can be found and (hopefully) displayed on real estate brokerage web sites? Sounds promising, but it isnt as effective as you may think.

The issues with MLS? There are many, but, for starters it’s expensive for both FSBO sellers and agents alike and it’s no guarantee at all of any digital advertising or that it’s being put in front of buyers most likely to buy. It’s kinda like the phone book. Sure, what you want is in there. Somewhere.

So how does one best advertise their home for sale in the digital world we live in so that it gets the most consistent exposure day-in and day-out?

Introducing HomePocket

Welcome to HomePocket. A simpler way to find or advertise a home. We’re a mobile-first home listing network for FSBO sellers and for real estate professionals that lets you do simple “no muss, no fuss” home advertising with the push of a button.

Just install our app, snap photos of your home and upload in less than 5 minutes! It’s instant exposure to buyers — all for free.

Our app brings buyers and sellers together more directly (whether they’re an agent or an FSBO) for FSBO, MLS or Pocket Listings that are posted in our network. Buyers can also chat directly with sellers to ask questions or request a showing.

Why use HomePocket? Just a couple of reasons…

  • For realtors, use HomePocket to seal the deal in a listing appointment by getting your client’s home on the web days or weeks ahead of MLS! Show them you’re advertising their home powerfully within just 5 minutes — snap pics, enter a few words and get it in front of buyers instantly.
  • For FSBO sellers, you don’t have to worry about learning internet marketing, paying lots of money for ads or dealing with the noise of social media. Just post, we advertise and allow buyers to chat with you directly.
  • For Buyers — Search all homes available in a city or zip! MLS, pocket listings and FSBO. Plus, chat directly with sellers and eliminate hassle and time. Coming very soon, you can even chat anonymously to avoid even more hassle.

Sign up today and let the home marketing revolution begin!

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Let HomePocket get you the digital exposure you need for your FSBO or Pocket Listings for free.

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