What to Do In The Summer Holidays

Now that High School, Sixth Form or College are finally over!

Exams for this year are finally over! You have MONTHS of summer to do whatever you want!!

Uh….. Like what?

#1: Work

Even if it’s just part-time work in a fast food restaurant, it’ll do you good.

No, you don’t need to exhaust yourself for minimum wage. You’re still so young and you deserve a break after working hard all year. But a little bit of part-time work is good for your CV: it will help to build your confidence and transferable skills. Even if it’s just a little bit of extra cash, it’ll mean you can treat yourself and afford to socialise more during the summer! Or, if you’re about to start university, it would be really useful to have some money set aside. On the subject of money…

#2: Budget!

No, you don’t need to stop spending altogether. It’s the summer; you deserve to go shopping, go for meals and day trips with friends, and spend whatever you want, really…

But now that you don’t have daily expenses such as travel costs, stationary and canteen food… you should have a little extra money. If not, you can earn some through a part-time job or, if you’re lucky, your parents/family friends might pay you for odd jobs and chores. Either way, start putting a little bit aside each month, especially if you’re about to start university. It might be hard, sometimes, to refrain from splashing out on things you don’t need… but future you will look back and be thankful they spent a little bit less each month. And besides, you’d be surprised how much you buy that you really don’t need.

Try putting 5 pounds in a jar each week, or even any loose change. Try laying out a budget plan so that you can at least be a little more aware of what it is that you’re spending your money on. It’s good practise in preparation for university and beyond.

#3: Volunteer

Maybe opt for a charity shop over the Hunger Games…

Of course, you would probably prefer a paid job over the summer. And that’s a great idea! But volunteering is something that we all say we ‘should’ do at some point, but do many people actually get round to it? Probably not. The summer holidays give you the perfect opportunity to do some volunteering before you enter the next academic year.

The benefits for the community are obvious, but you would be surprised how good it can be for you, too. It looks really impressive on your CV, the fact that you committed to something purely for the sake of being kind. It’s also less pressure than a paid job; you don’t tend to need huge amounts of training in order to volunteer, and most places won’t mind if you’re under 18. If you’re friendly and genuinely helpful, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a voluntary role. One fantastic way to get some volunteering and boost your CV is to participate in the National Citizen Service programme (NCS) — you will not regret it. Helpful links for volunteering will be at the bottom!

#4: Learn a New Skill!

Whether it’s a new instrument, language or how to build a computer from scratch… have you really had time for new hobbies and skills during the academic year?

Whatever you spent the academic year wishing you had time to do, do it now. Before you know it, September will roll around and you’ll feel too overwhelmed to make time for practising your guitar skills, uploading blog posts or taking exercise classes. Of course, the ultimate and most healthy thing to do would be to make time for these even during your studies…but you and I both know that that is easier said than done.

So book those classes you have put off, watch those tutorials in your ‘watch later’ playlist and enter your next academic year with a whole new skill!

#5: Connect With Friends

You’ve seen those freaks every day for a year…. but don’t forget them this summer!

Alternatively, just watch the TV show and pretend you have real friends.

Especially if you’re about to go to Sixth Form/College or University without them.

This is your chance to spend some time with them, without academic guilt in the back of your mind. You have almost no obligations now, so you can just enjoy bonding with them. You might never speak to them again after this summer, and that’s totally fine: but if you love them, enjoy their company while its still there!

#6: Fill Your Diary

For maybe the first week of the holiday, it is totally understandable if you sleep in until 3pm (something I did today) and only leave your room to eat and, at a push, shower. But after that, it has to change.

I know, I know, I sound like a nagging parent. But quite honestly, I don’t remember many of my summer holidays. So this year, before I start university, I’m making a conscious effort to fill my diary with things I actually want to get up for. I mean the sort of stuff you want to get up before noon to do. Yeah, you heard me right.

As we have discussed, there’s plenty you can be doing. If you really want to do nothing for a day, that’s fine — but do nothing with a friend, or at least outside of the house.

I really wish my younger self had just done more in the summer holidays. So, this time, I made a list of things I want to do by September.

Even if I don’t achieve a single one, I have goals to work towards. It makes me feel much healthier and happier than when I spend my whole summer sleeping.

What are your aims for the summer holiday? Write a list!

What stage of your academic life are you about to move on to? Sixth Form? University?

Whatever you do, I hope you choose to make this summer a happy one!

Have a great summer: wear sun screen and try not to melt.

❤ Helpful Links for Your Summer Plans! ❤

‘Do It — a site with volunteering opportunities:

Help with your CV:


Duolingo — if you want to learn a new language. I would also recommend getting the app:

Participate in NCS! I did, and I went on to work for them for a short while and I loved every minute. There is no better way for you to spend your summer if you’re aged 15–18:


In keeping with the theme of this post, this book has been highly recommended to me as an immersive summer read. Why not give it go?

Youtuber ‘A Clockwork Reader’ recently uploaded this wonderful book haul video with plenty of book recommendations for your summer reading!