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Several nights of surviving on caffeine, multiple canceled vacation plans, having small treats of meeting tight deadlines, a few grumpy family members and a happy boss. The development team of Arax Crypto Wallet has finally taken a breath of relief after having gone through it all, with the rebranded and updated COSS Wallet finally making its way to the app stores.

All of us remember the big merger of LALA World and that created the COSS Group — a larger Crypto One Stop Solution ecosystem. …

Hello, everyone. It has been an exciting past two weeks and we are here to share what we have been working on lately. In today’s update, we discuss the following:

  • Negative maker fees
  • SPIKE listing
  • COS Swap Update
  • Delisting of projects
  • Optimisation of pairs
  • COSS Wallet app updates
  • Node fixes
  • FSA structure & dust conversion
  • Bug fixes and improved operations
  • Exchange liquidity and developments around it
  • Listing new and popular projects
  • The mobile app

Before we go into today’s updates, we want to take a moment to go into some of the events that happened since our last Medium update.

Hello, everyone.

As a step towards improving the trading fee structure for traders on, we implemented 0% maker fees on 27th May, this year. This was an interim step towards introducing negative maker fees.

The moment we have all been waiting for… COSS is pleased to announce that negative maker fees will be implemented this Thursday, 11th July at 11.30 am GMT +8.

The exchange will be under maintenance on Thursday, 11th July between 11.00 to 11.30 am GMT +8 to implement this new fee structure.

Here is the new trading fee structure: will be listing Spiking SPIKE token on 8th July, 2019.

SPIKE is the utility token of Spiking — a platform that allows you to gain market intelligence by helping traders of all levels to make better decisions.

Spiking has already won multiple awards in traditional trading markets, giving traders the ability to track the movement of ‘whales’ — what they define as significant market movers who have access to key information before that information is available to the public. Now, they are bringing their technology to the crypto sector.

By giving you the ability to follow ‘whale’ trades in…

“Patience is not about waiting, but how we act when things take longer than we expect.” — Paulo Coelho

This is my first address to the joint COSS community. I intend to try and deliver my thoughts to you every month.

I have been around in the blockchain industry since 2013, but more actively since 2015. By industry standards, one could call my team and me, crypto veterans. I was lucky to have left banking at JP Morgan and Deutsche just before that; pure luck, nothing genius here. Most of those early crypto enthusiasts were dreamers, hoping to change the…

Crypto One Stop Solution was built with the vision to be a true ONE STOP SOLUTION for modern digital assets. The goal has been to provide a stable ground for the flourishing of the cryptocurrency industry supported by the massive user adoption of cryptocurrency among ordinary people.

They want to bring together people — customers, merchants, service providers, startups and businesses with different needs and resources. It was done in order to enable exchange, interaction, and mutual benefit.

This month, COSS and Arax Wallet have merged to create a larger product stack, powered by a single COS-token.

COSS was launched…

Announcing the new Simplified COSS

Thank you for all your support during the COS swap. Executing the world’s first token merger was never easy and several precedents were set. We are glad that the community was happy and we were able to finish the swap on time. Now it’s time for our next deliveries and a SIMPLIFIED COSS. As part of our ongoing efforts toward the best product and a great user experience, we are focusing on delivering the following next, with the mantra — Simple things first.

  • New, simplified trading pairs
  • Our commitment to Negative maker fees
  • New and simple trading fee structure
  • COSS…

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” — Doug Conant

COSS is steadily headed on the path of bringing the best services and products for its community. We, at COSS, realize the integral role played by the employees in making an organization a success which prompted us to make an addition to our COSS family with a hardworking and experienced professional- Mr. Nirmal Ranga.

Mr. Ranga has joined us as the Assistant Vice President — Trading & Operations and will be responsible for facilitating the smoothening of exchange operations. …

Dear members of the community, users and token holders -

This announcement will highlight two important things:

(i) Our brand and what we stand for

(ii) Much anticipated details of the token merger and swap process

Our brand

After a lot of internal deliberation and feedback from the community, we have decided to keep ONE BRAND IDENTITY — COSS — ‘Crypto One Stop Solution’.

We are branding all our products as — Crypto One Stop Solution or, as the world popularly knows us already, COSS. …

LaLa World

Gearing Towards a Decentralised Financial Ecosystem

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