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Dear Partners, Community and Investors!

We are humbled with the overwhelming support LALA World has received so far. Thank you!

LALA World believes that the underbanked and migrants need to be incentivized at every step so as to crate a sustainable social business. Not everyone has the time, opportunity, and technical proficiency necessary to get into the best moments of a token lifecycle. So, how can a given token find its way into more hands?

LALA World is doing an AIRDROP and has set aside 200,000 LALA Tokens from its total LALA Token pool, ready to be distributed by an automatic LALA AIRDROP.

Click Here for LALA Airdrop

Please Follow — Click here to go to the airdrop website.

You need to complete the 3 easy steps which includes joining us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and filling out the submission form where you can submit your ETH address.

All the information will be stored in our database and LALA Tokens will be distributed to all registered wallets after our ICO. The Airdrop is limited to 10,000 participants only and will close once the cap has reached.

Joining our community will keep you updated with all the events and progress of LALA World, always keeping you in the loop.

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