LALA World ICO Sold Out in Just 7 Days, Over Subscribed, Overwhelming Response

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We are thrilled and humbled to announce that in record time, we have successfully hit our hard-cap of 150,000,000 LALA Tokens that were available for distribution. We are humbled by your response. It could not have been possible without each one of you — our own LALA Family.

LALA World Tokensale is now Closed!

The immense support of crypto community from all over the world, who continue to believe in this noble effort, and who motivated us to keep going to build the LALA World ecosystem, resulted in this spectacular result. We’re incredibly grateful for this network and for all the love we received during this beautiful journey. The work has just begun and we will not let anyone down.

This highlights the interest and confidence of the community, and suggests a bright future for the LALA World project.

In light of the success of LALA World ICO, the work has only begun to ensure that we can meet the grueling timelines we have set. Let’s not forget our simple goal and vision to: Make Human Lives Better, a message that is clearly highlighted by our CEO here.

The driving force behind LALA World is our hunger for success and support from our community, including all our token holders. We have ensured that the interests of everyone concerned, associated to LALA World are safeguarded and everyone can benefit from its success.

Since the first hour of our token generation event, we have been inundated with token purchase requests from thousands who missed out on the event. We respect this demand. We will be very transparent in this journey and soon will update on Token Distribution and Listing on Exchanges. Stay tuned and stay by our side.

LALA World and its partners are working tirelessly to build the single-most powerful and trustworthy global financial ecosystem. We believe that we are well on track, as each day at LALA we make new strides in our vision and come closer to becoming a global phenomenon.

This is your project and you made it all happen. We here at LALA World applaud for each one of you! Thank You so much!

Singapore | Malaysia | Dubai | India | Bangladesh

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