Consider a question; really think about it: How much money would it take to buy your vote for President? If we’re honest with ourselves, 99% of us have a number. Now consider what I’m going to tell you I learned from a high-ranking PA DNC official (a Hillary supporter), and which I’ve long known to correlate to a general rule of American politics: a congressperson’s PRIMARY job is fundraising. Indeed, they are required by their respective party committees to spend half of every day doing it. And the bills they write are most often at the behest of the folks directly or indirectly giving them money.

This is quite literally our system. We all know this and have heretofore accepted it. (Interesting side note: My grade in American Congressional Politics back in college was highly dependent on how much money I raised, which depended on whether I got the lobbyists’ bills/amendments passed.) Link my initial question and these truths, and you see that this “system” is fundamentally FUBAR.

With respect, Hillary Clinton will not fight to change this. She and her husband are the most effective political fundraisers in the history of the world, which has also contributed significantly to them becoming quite wealthy personally. Even if one supports her positions, this inescapable truth remains. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has been all about fixing this FUBAR system for decades.

Even if I didn’t agree with 90% of his politics, as I do, and even if I wasn’t drawn to his fundamental human decency (as I was with Obama), this one overriding political realty would force my hand at the ballot box. We can, of course, discuss all the other reasons to vote for him, but, in the end, this is THE reason: unless and until we stop the ability of money to buy a vote, we are (1) an oligarchy, and (2) not at all like the rest of the free democracies on this planet. Let’s vote on June 7 to change this. cc: Robert Reich

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