8 Benefits of Studying with Friends

4 min readMar 9, 2017


Group study — when done right — can have numerous advantages compared to studying alone. If you and your friends are able to stay on task, eliminate distractions, and stay serious, you’ll all benefit greatly! Discover 8 amazing benefits your friend group can take advantage of by studying together.

#1. Builds routine

When you’re part of a study group, you’re accountable to more than just yourself. Your friends are depending on you to be at regularly scheduled meetings. This will increase your motivation for studying and curb procrastination. Besides, your friend group will be able to remind each other about study times and due dates.

#2. Increases learning & retention

You’ll be able to ask your friends questions about the coursework that you might not have understood. They may be able explain concepts and clarify any doubts you have. Furthermore, by reviewing the materials again and again, you’ll retain information better.

#3. Shows new perspectives

Your friends will no doubt have different viewpoints than you. By discussing these topics, debating each point, and arguing your opinions, you’ll be able to look at problems from different perspectives. This can be helpful in critical-thinking, idea generation, and creative problem-solving.

#4. Makes studying fun

Studying alone can be boring. You’ll check your phone to see if you have any messages, or you’ll get distracted by going online. A study group can help you stay on task. Plus, with friends, studying can be fun. You can make jokes, create funny examples, and even hang out after study time is over.

#5. You can compare notes

An essential part of studying is note-taking. By comparing notes with your friends, you’ll see what information they believe is the most important. You can even discover new methods of note-taking.

#6. Builds workplace skills

Working in a group setting sets the stage for how a real-life workplace operates. You’ll learn how to cooperate with different people, manage a team, practice your listening skills, negotiate, and much more! All of these skills come in handy in a professional environment.

#7. Encourages “school spirit”

Forming a bond through education is a very strong thing. That’s why many graduates continue going to their school’s alumni events year upon year. By studying with your friends, you’ll gain more school spirit and pride. You’ll have a group of people to talk with about coursework who will understand what you’re going through.

#8. You’ll become closer friends

If you only see your friends in a social setting — like a party or bar — you’ll discover new things about them through your study group. You’ll learn their strengths and weaknesses, goals and motivations, and even the hardships they’re facing. Sharing these personal things will definitely make you better friends!

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