Are you one of those businesses owners?

You know, the ones that all they do is post about what they want to hear and always trying to sell sell sell.

Well, here are…

The Top 5 Social Media tips for Business owners.

1. Build trust and credibility:

Social media is not a place for you to go hawk your product to the first 10 people that liked your Facebook page. People do not go to facebook, twitter or instigram to see what you are going to sell them next. They are there to educate and entertain themselves, so its our job to give them what they want.

2. Make sure to educate and entertain:

People come to social media to find what they are interested in. Now to truly be effective on social media we need to understand that. When creating content the audience and what interest them should be top of mind.

Howard Gossage new this well as he is quoted to have said:

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”

3. As business owners we have to build realtionships:

Yes, realtionship building is still important even online, if anything it is more important now than ever before. Think of social media as networking on steroids and now is the time to reach out, interact and build those relationships with your audiences.

4. Always be Consistant:

We are all creatures of habit. Therefor it is important that we be consistent online. That way your audience will know what to expect from you and when to expect it.

5. Be authentic:

The social media landscape is changing and now more than ever companies need to be transperant online. You do not fool anyone by setting up auto responders to all your new twitter followers. The more real you can be the better. It will show shows you and your company have a human side. Which will lead to people being more likly to relate. This also ties in well when it comes to building relationships.

Hope this helps and make sure to tune in for more tips tricks and how-to’s from Martine and Reach for Greatness Media Team!