PullTube — download online videos and playlists

Happy to introduce you to a new app, that has been a personal-use/for-friends-only tool for some time. Now I’ve decided to share it with the world.

How to download a video from a website?

PullTube — the only video downloader you’ll ever need.

It looks nice and allows you to:

  • download any online video or playlist from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Cloudmix, Bandcamp, Youku, IQIY and a lot more;
  • support for password protected videos (if you know the password);
  • download subtitles for videos you like;
  • paste several URLs separated by new line or space;
  • convert them directly to MP3 and M4A, with artwork and metadata support;
  • download playlists or choose only those videos you need from it;
  • HTTP/SOCKS proxy support for location restricted downloads;
  • 8K, 4K and 60 fps videos are supported;
  • download Webm Vp8, Vp9 encoded Youtube videos are converted to mp4 on the fly;
  • smart browser extensions for even easier use;
  • save videos to download later list;
  • swipe gesture friendly interface.

Features and supported websites list will expand upon user requests ;-)

IMPORTANT: If you have internet connection monitors installed (Little Snitch, Hands Off or else) make sure you white list or apply “Allow all connection types” rule for PullTube.

Download any video quality or convert it to audio with ease

All you need to do, is just copy and paste your link into PullTube’s text field (Command+V shortcut is also supported) or just drag and drop highlighted video URL or thumbnail, anywhere on its window. You can also paste several links in one go, all you need is — to have them separated by space or new line.

PullTube also has a context menu item in Services > Open URL with PullTube and accepts drag-and-drop on its Dock icon, if necessary.

Clever browser extensions

PullTube’s Safari App Extension, distributed within the app’s bundle, helps you download videos even easier. You just right-click (control-click) a video thumbnail or title on any webpage > select Send Link to PullTube. Clicking extension’s button (Control+Shift+P) in Safari’s toolbar, will send the video link of the current page.

PullTube’s Chrome extension is also available.

The app will fetch data for it and you just select the desired resolution or audio format. If PullTube notices video to be part of some playlist, it will suggest you to download that playlist as well.

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported:

Enter/Return — starts download;

Esc — cancels video data fetching process or cancels all downloads on a download screen;

Command + V— pastes video link;

Command+O — shows a menu to paste several links separated by space or new line;

Command + ,— shows Preferences;

Command + W— closes the main window; Command + Q— quits the app;

Command+L — brings up the download later list. To add videos to the list, use Command+O and download later checkbox in the bottom;


Swipe left/right or Click on the thumbnail — to reveal available options for videos like: move to download later list, copy link to clipboard, open link in browser or delete the link.

PullTube has a minimalist, intuitive interface that you will enjoy! At least, those who’ve already used the app, are sharing positive feedback :-)

You can download a fully functional trial and see PullTube in action.

Download 15-day Trial

I’m always glad to hear from you at support@mymixapps.com

Oh, and if you’d like to help translate PullTube to your native language, please get in touch — we will reward you with a free license.