The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

The trouble is Owen that most of the politicians are idiots , then there is the bureaucrats all of who are loving the grand standing that provides them with the platform to avoid sorting out and addressing real issues such as skill shortages, corporate tax avoidance/fraud , housing shortage , health etc. We are absolutely mad if we think being in the EU is going to solve any of these issues , 27 people sitting round a table each with their own vested interest and political turmoil are never going to agree unless of course you advocate taking the decision making away from them.The only reality is the fact there is a whopping trade imbalance with the EU and whatever the politicians think it is big business that runs Europe. So whatever is agreed on trade tariffs its the UK that by default will benefit and i cant see the likes of BMW , Bayer,or Mercedes wanting any change. We are leaving so let get on with it and put an end to this irrelevant grandstand Austrian skier and the rest of the gang.No one gives monkey if we have to stand in a different passport que or have to pay 50p more for car parts , we can always holiday else's where or buy our cars from other countries, the EU is our biggest market but as most of our successful companies will point out its a big world out there.Damm all will change and 95% of the changes needed will be paperwork devised by bureaucrats to keep themselves in jobs.

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