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As a consumer, the first step to making a purchase is this: uncovering a need. Say Julie’s favourite pair of sandals breaks on the first day she wore them out of the house.

Now she’s on the market for a new pair.

So she thinks of a couple of stores which might have what she wants. A few big brand names come to mind.

She knows that:

  • Store A offers designer shoes (too fancy for the beach);
  • Store B has a huge selection of all kinds of shoes (too much to browse and unreliable quality);
  • Store C offers accessible mid-range…

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The difference between a successful eCommerce business and an unsuccessful one lies not in their product range, their pricing, or their offer.

In this increasingly voice-first search-driven world, it lies in the business’ ability to generate qualified traffic.

In order to drive traffic to your site, there is one thing you need to focus on: the right keywords.

Notice how I said the ‘right’ keywords there? Not the biggest ones. Not the most popular ones. The right ones.

How do you pick the best keywords for your business?

Every keyword you pick needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Search volume is high
  2. Competition is low
  3. Relevance is perfect


A large part of being in the fashion industry involves being ‘in the know’. What’s cool right now? What are celebrities wearing? Which handbag are influencers obsessed with? And the big question:

What’s the next trend?

With fast fashion getting forever faster, and micro-influencers becoming ever more influential, it is no longer enough to look at what the big brands are doing in order to take the pulse of the fashion scene.

Enter: research. Lots of it.

As a fashion-watcher, it is up to you to dig in the right places and ask the tough questions.

What type of trousers…

The world of fashion design is tough and competitive. If you are an aspiring fashion designer yourself, you could likely use a little push in the right direction. What are some apps you definitely need to use, and why? Which websites give you the latest insights into fashion trends?

We did the homework for you and asked our fashion designer friends what apps, tools and websites they can’t live without.

Here’s what we heard.

10. Instagram

Any seasoned online store owner knows the importance of SEO for their store; countless handbooks, guides and courses have been hammering that in for years. Focus on SEO = grow your business.

Chances are, your eCommerce site has a pretty good SEO score overall: you’ve got that alt text, that meta description and that title length on point and ready to bring in your dream user.

But there is something you are probably not focusing on as much: category pages.

Category pages are Google’s top choice for retail keywords throughout all levels of search intent. (Source)

In other words, Google…

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