How to apply for a controlled hunt online

Step 1: Go to and log in to your ODFW account.

Be sure you have verified your account before logging in. Follow the instructions to verify.

Step 2: Click Purchase from Catalog

Step 3: Click Product Categories

Step 4: Click Big Game Hunting

Step 5: Click Controlled Hunts

Step 6: Select your hunt series

Step 7: Click proceed to cart

Step 8: Review cart and click next

Clicking Next will allow you to make your controlled hunt choices.

Step 9: Click complete to select your controlled hunt choices

Click complete to make your controlled hunt selections.

Step 10: Submit as Individual, Party Leader or Party Member

Make your selection and click Next.

Step 11: Enter your hunt choices

Make at least two hunt choices in the off chance your first choice hunt is cancelled.

Step 12: When finished making your hunt choices, click Next

Step 13: Review your cart and click Next

Step 14: Click acknowledgment and then click Pay Now

Step 15: Fill in payment information

Step 16: Submit Payment

Step 17: Access Customer Profile to return to your account