How to enhance curb appeal and add pizazz to your landscape!

One of the best ways to add pizazz to your yard is to enhance it with new plant materials and to keep it well-groomed. Just adding a few new colorful flowers will add charm. Keeping your lawn cut and trimmed will give your property a well-cared-for look. Team Lancaster can recommend professional landscapers and gardeners to help you enhance your curb appeal. Why not evaluate your property now and decide what changes you could make to improve its appeal?

Gather Ideas that Suit Your Property

One of the best ways to gain ideas for upgrading your landscape is to collect tips from others. Team Lancaster can provide a whole book full of ideas for you to get started. You can also look through magazines — especially the home and garden type. Be aware, though, that what you see in a magazine may or may not be easily duplicated. Hawaii has many different environments that need to be considered. Ewa and Kaneohe are a stark contrast in rainfall and each should be considered carefully. Also, each yard has its own set of conditions. A yard with hills and valleys presents its own challenges. Soil conditions, water runoff, and underground items such as a septic bed may also need to be considered.

Establish a Framework

When planning a landscape revision, first consider how existing trees and shrubs outline the scene. Trees and shrubs help define spaces. They provide balance to the shape of your property and serve as counterpoints to the angles of your home. Consider whether adding new shrubs or trees to certain areas will accent your home.

Shrubs create visual appeal and serve as excellent backdrops for flowers. They are also useful for blocking unsightly views or creating a barrier to traffic. Shrubs can be helpful for creating small microclimates that provide a protective shelter for other plants. They are useful as windbreaks and assist in providing a cozy nook for comfortable seating.

More often than not, shrubs planted in groupings deliver the greatest visual impact. Shrubs and trees will become long-term plantings if you’ve chosen the right hardiness for your area. The same goes for perennial flowers. Check hardiness ratings. Also space your plants out as recommended. Always take into consideration the mature size of any plant before placing it. Even annual flowers will eventually spread a little, but placing several in a grouping will offer the biggest impact.

Renovate Your Garden

Start your landscape renovation by doing a garden overhaul, removing dead shoots and weeds. At times, it pays to be ruthless with the trimming shears. Cut down worn out shrubs and undesirable trees or plants. Clear away anything that is blocking doors or windows or that is encroaching on other favorite plants or running into walkways or into your neighbor’s yard. Pull out and discard weeds, and remove unwanted native plants that may have arrived without invitation. Please consider tree branches that hang over the home or other structures that can become an issue during the home inspection process.

Architectural Features

You may want to add architectural features to your landscape. These might include retaining walls, sidewalks, archways, gates, fences, or entryways built up with artistically-placed boulders. Guide your guests to the front door with an attractive archway over a curvy interlock or patterned concrete sidewalk. Retain a sloping yard with striking boulders or terraced retaining walls.

Consider form and function as well as your budget when considering these options. If you want to set a boundary with a fence, if it’s merely to keep the dog in, an attractive chain link fence may do. For greater privacy, choose any number of wood or composite options.

Groom Your Property Like a Pro

The growing season of spring and early summer can be enough to overwhelm any homeowner with grass to mow and weeds to pull. Grass will need to be cut often during that time. Keeping it trimmed will help keep weeds at bay. Shorter grass is also less attractive to mosquitos. If you can’t stay on top of your own grass cutting, seek the help of a local landscaping company. Team Lancaster has worked with many landscaping companies and can provide recommendations.

Many plants come with instructions for fertilizing and care. It is helpful to understand the advice offered. Nevertheless, regular watering and good sunshine seems to keep most plants happy.

Your trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers are investments and add pizzazz to the look of your home. Taken care of, they will stay around until your next major garden overhaul. For more tips please visit or Call Chris Lancaster (808) 425–7974 today