Odenza Marketing Group Case Study

If 2016 wasn’t exactly a banner year for sales for your dealership, you need to find a way to do better in 2017. Yes, this is an obvious statement, but how are you going to do that? Well, one option is Facebook Contests.

Facebook may not always be the first solution you think of, but given 58% of Americans use it, now is the perfect time to jump in. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of Facebook Contests and how they drive success.

Facebook Contests

A Facebook Contest is any contest that is predominately or entirely run through the social network. There are a number of Facebook-compatible apps that can be used for managing contests, which can range from free to paid options. So whether you’re running a contest for a trip, getaway, gift card, or free tickets to a festival, Facebook is a viable and very effective option.

Chilliwack Motorcycles, for example, saw a huge boost in engagement, page views, Facebook likes, and reach when they ran a 30-day promotion that offered users the chance to win a free trip to Las Vegas. This effort helped them grow their largely unknown Facebook page. Some quick stats included:

● Page likes increasing from 6 to 78

● Page views increasing from 25 to 254

● Engagement increasing from 294 to 1,593

● Reach (how many saw ads about the contest) went from 188 to 12,744

● 260 people entering the contest

Remember that the process of entering into a competition shouldn’t be too complicated. How much information and how many questions is each entrant having to fill out? The more you require, the more hesitant they can become. No one wants to spend an ordinate amount of time on a contest entry form, regardless of how big or small the prize is.

One of the benefits of Facebook Contests is that forms are automatically filled in with information from the entrants’ Facebook accounts.

Promote Your Contests

It goes without saying that the mere creation of a contest does not guarantee its success. Behind any great promotion is a great advertising campaign — Facebook Contests are no exception. Once the contest is up and running, make sure you invest some money into promoting it with Facebook ads.

With ads, you can reach a far larger number of people beyond your current fans while still remaining targeted. You can target your ads based on location, age, gender, interests and behavior, relationship status, and more.

Even though you’re expanding the potential audience, you’re not falling into the trap of blindly advertising to the wrong people. Best of all, your ads can be crafted with the sole aim of helping boost contest entries.

Cross-platform promotion is also important. Have you been promoting the contest on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram? How about marketing emails, a blog post, or setting up calls-to-action to the entry page on your website?It is clear that Odenza Travel Industry is thriving and discovering creative means to maintain people satisfied with the trips of their choice.

Finally, there is in-store promotion. While you don’t necessarily have to have massive banners festooned across the showroom floor, marketing collateral will help. At the very least, make sure you’re telling prospective customers about the contest and how they can enter. You want to create as much buzz around the contest as possible — it’s how you guarantee it the best chance of success.


The success of any Facebook Contest relies on the prize, the simplicity of entering, and how well it’s advertised. I work with a dealer from Chilliwack, BC, who recently went from a reach of zero to 30,000 on Facebook in 4 weeks purely through Facebook Advertising. With Facebook Contests and Advertising, there is plenty of room to grow your auto dealership.