We are not changing the world, we are changing the ordinary

Being a tech company in Silicon Valley comes with a lot of preconceptions. Ultra-smart people, cool gadgets, techies in hoodies and 40-dollar organic hamburgers.

And all of that is true. Especially the part about gadgets. But, when we think about Silicon Valley, we think about technology for everybody.

There are plenty of brilliant people that makes groundbreaking technology that solves life’s big challenges, like ‘hyperloops’ and space travel. And we love it, that there are people focusing on these big, major challenges. That’s just not us because on the other side of these large advances in tech, there is just as large of a need for tech that provide solutions to everyday problems for the consumer.

Technology that can be used to solve life’s small challenges, that, is our passion.

We can travel to space but we can’t leave our laptop at a coffee place when we go and order a coffee. We can split an atom but we can’t play with our kids in the park without looking at the stroller every 15 second.

We like to think, that those days are over.

We are not changing the world. We are changing the ordinary and we’re doing it with Stilla.

Want to learn more about the Stilla device? Check out mystilla.com! Feel free to sign up so that you can be the first to know when it becomes available.

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