In a Bid to Encourage Rooftop Solar PV Installations, J&K Sets a Target of Setting up 450MW of Solar by 2022

Several states such as Assam, Karnataka and Haryana in the last six months or so have announced major policy changes or incentives in order to, make a harder push for rooftop solar. By 2022, India is chasing a target of 40GW of installed solar capacity from rooftop solar and so far, we have only reached the capacity of about 1GW. Therefore, it is no surprise that alongside the central government like they did via the Union Budget, states are also doing their bid to help achieve the target.

The latest state to join the movement is Jammu & Kashmir, where the Jammu & Kashmir Department of Science and Technology has announced a target of 450MW of grid connected solar power by the year 2022. Under this policy residential, commercial and industrial building owners can participate under the program and get a system ranging from 1kW to 1MW installed on their rooftops. However, for the Government agencies this limit does not exist. MNRE has designated Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency as the body to undertake the progress of this program. There is also Net Metering facility available that the customers who go solar under the program can avail. Using Net Metering, all the customers who opt in will be able to get compensated for the extra bit of power that they produce and do not consume. The J&K located folks can also opt in for subsidy on the system cost, and to know how that can be done, you can refer to a more detailed post on MYSUN here