MyToken Monthly Report
Aug 22, 2018 · 5 min read


As of July 31st, 256 new cryptocurrencies were added in MyToken in one month, covering a total of 3,498. In July, there were 2,296 new trading pairs and the total amount of trading pairs reached more than 20,000. Besides, the current number of tags is 128.

MyToken’s advertising revenue totalled about 622,400 yuan in July. The amount of 3,890,000 MT (at the price of MT during advertisement), equivalent to 311,200 RMB, has been paid to the specific address for advertising revenue:


Note: Half of the advertising revenue generated after the activation of aggregated trading will go to the dedicated address for advertising revenue

2. Product Development

2.1 Product Update

In July, MyToken achieved:

  1. OTC price demonstration
  2. EOS RAM price
  3. Official launch of aggregated trading
  4. Revision of the Project Intro page in the app
  5. Optimization of the sharing function
  6. OTC Price Demonstration
  7. OTC Price Demonstration

Added OTC price section, showing OTC price with OTC entry orders of the BTC, ETH and USDT. With the latest order price at the section of buy & sell orders, you can check the specific price of the pending orders for the corresponding tokens. Based on the OTC price and current premium rate, we can learn the situation of current OTC funds admission and so to predict the market trend.

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2. EOS RAM Price

Click on the EOS coin details, as you can see there is a new section-RAM Price in the trend board, which is used to check for EOS RAM price. Data in this section comes from

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3. Official launch of Aggregated Trading

By accessing to the authorized information of exchanges, it can provide one-stop aggregated trading for multi-exchange accounts. Android & iOS versions have both been officially launched.

Download link for Android version:

At present, MyToken can access to and place orders on Binance, Okex, Huobi Pro and Hadax. In the future, more exchanges with good trading depth will be added to solve the problems of small exchanges, such as inconvenient operation without apps and multi-account management.

4. Revision of Currency Intro page in MyToken App

Optimized the page layout and design of the Currency Intro page in the app, highlighting the currency data information and information levels. Therefore, users can get useful information more quickly and gain better user experience.

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5. Optimization of the sharing function

The feature of price sharing has been added to facilitate user sharing and interaction. Now the coin price can be directly shared to WeChat, QQ, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Kakao, and Line.

2.2 Content Update

1. The Calendar section was launched in July to update the latest activities of the projects.

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2. Added Xiaocong and ChainNews in Express News. Incorporated content from CoinDesk and TokenPost into news of our English version and Korean version respectively.

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2.3 Website Update

1. Added Korean and Japanese support to the official website.

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2. Lauched Mac and Windows clients.

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2.4 Wallet Update

In July, MyToken achieved to:

  1. Complete the development of basic transfer function in iOS version
  2. Complete the docking of Loopring native version in Android version
  3. Complete DApp of batch token sending

2.5 Others

We released version 2.0 of the white paper on July 10th, 2018 to meet compliance and help expand the overseas markets. The latest version of the white paper can be viewed at:

3. Marketing Operation

3.1 Market Update

Domestic market update:

On July 1st, together with Swissborg, Tontine Trust and Bitmain, MyToken shared the topic of global blockchain and technology application in Shenzhen. On July 7th, MyToken attended the Digital Economy Summit held by Loopring Protocol in Shenzhen and shared the development and future planning of MyToken with lots of blockchain enthusiasts.

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Overseas market update:

On July 25th, as one of the speakers, MyToken attended the event “Blockchain Unchained” in Tokyo. On July 27th, MyToken was present at the final section of “Blockchain Asia Tour” hosted by Swissborg in Tokyo as special guest. On July 31st, MyToken was invited to the event held by ALIS in Tokyo and both teams agreed on the future cooperation.

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3.2 Community Operation

Social media updates:

As of July 31, the number of MyToken Official Weibo followers reached 4,795, and Twitter followers 1110. In July, the number of subscribers of MyToken WeChat official account was 17,849.

Community user activities:

In July, MyToken worked with Bluzelle to hold a three-day airdrop event, during which a total of 60,000 BLZ were airdropped to community users.

3.3 Project Cooperation

Achieved strategic partnership with Hashgard

MyToken announced a formal strategic partnership with Hashgard, a digital-finance public chain project. The two sides will work together in infrastructure building and personnel training in the field of digital finance, and jointly build a sound ecology of digital finance in the future.

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Reach a strategic partnership with ALIS

In July, MyToken announced a formal partnership with ALIS. The two sides share highly identical goal of community construction. Thus we believe that this cooperation will bring new development and opportunities to both communities.

  • Currently, you can reach MyToken via the following community channels, and you are welcome to join us!

WeChat Group: wx_mytoken_7

Telegram (Chinese):

Telegram (English):

Official Weibo:



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