Heartbreak can come in many forms.

Defining it as many things.

comparing this feeling to something is much easier.

It is like you’ve been hit by a truck on a speeding high way and all the wind has been knocked out of you.

It is like you’re on a hike in the highest mountains and then all of a sudden your bones give out on you.

Ur Hopeless romantic turns hopelessly tragic

Leaving you with so many questions unanswered

Is it because of your royal expectations of them?

Did you confuse that knight for a King?

Or the maid for a queen?

In your mind did you define them to be something that they didn’t even see themselves as?

You ever stop to think maybe your heart break is self-inflicted from your own wrath?

You’ve watched your love for them turn into anger

Because you were blinded by potential you thought they had

People tell you who they are before you even go seeking

& As much as we hope and wish for the good in everyone

As humans we are all deceiving

We are taught to

Secretly trust no one

That should always be our first instinct

Mommy and Daddy’s teachings

We are never taught to fight for love or the value of marriage,

that has now become extinct.

But let not heartbreak, turn into heartache,

Because that can stop your heart rate

And in the end the pain will be all worth it.

Because you are worth it !

Never lower your price because they cannot afford it

Simply change location

Create a destination for those in your life with purpose

Or you’ll be partially to blame for your own circus

If you continue to let your 2faced friends all join in

With their “facts” that are really opinions

Over exaggerated

Because when it comes to being a therapist to others we all feel so educated

yet with minding our own business and in our own situations we are not so intelligent ,

And less dedicated

instead of finding love we’re out here over populating

and to our young

real love

we are not demonstrating

Heart break can easily turn you into a heartbreaker

But this was just another test for you

Let it not get the best of you

Because the rest of you


Not Broken.

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