Looking For Love

Last night I decided to file a missing persons report on my future husband

its about time someone knew he was missing. When The police arrived and asked for his description I quickly tell them that I’ve never met this man before in my life nor do I know where he was last seen.

Other than in my dreams the night before. Right after I wrote out my list of qualities in a perfect guy.

You know like the ones your read in those single female magazines ?

The officers begins to chuckle as he grabs his things. But before he could reach the door I promise him this is something he should explore. The man I’m looking for knows I exist and is expecting me.

He begins to say “Don’t go looking for love it’ll come to you.”

Before I let him finish I respond

how can you not expect me to?

Love is like a drug with a high you can not undo.

No it’s not illegal so yes I can want to be high of it.

I want to be injected with his hopeless romantic gestures.

Be able to Inhale his love on every level

Get high at the thought of knowing that what we have is forever

I basically tell him I’m looking for a residence on cloud 9.

I continue with all seriousness before he feels like I’m wasting his time.

He’s about yay high with a gorgeous smile.

Athletically fit body with a shoes shoe size a mile

He walks with confidence and finesses in style.

Through his eyes my beauty will be incomparable.

He’ll put my happiness on a pedestal.

Drape me in loyalty

Because with unbroken trust he knows I will never be skeptical

The officer says,

Is the search worth it? what if this guy simply does not exist ?

I tell him I’ve asked myself this.

But With the willingness to compromise his appearance I know his persona exists.

And being the woman I am there’s no way he’ll resist.

I’ll be the missing piece to his masterpiece

The breath of fresh air when it feels like he’s suffocating.

The keys to his cuffs so he will never be incarcerated.

I’ll be the voice that steadily repeats to him that he will make it.

His backbone will be so strong our home become a kingdom in the making.

I tell the officer

I’m just tired of building on the wrong foundations.

Relations after relations

I’m ready to settle down and one day add to this population.

But how can I when there is so much infidelity just running through our ventilations

Makes you question

Is Monogamy real or just another form of litigation?

A Way for the law to control every humane situation

Although you’ve paid for this love in tears and time

To the world it’s not official until you sign the dotted line

I tell the officer

Just Think of This as my probable cause

And I’m searchin

& Without reasonable doubt

At the end of this

it’ll all be worth it .

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