Ms. Vain

Incredible frames.

through these lenses see competition as nothing

But Ms Vain, who lives in the mirror doesn’t see the perfection she’s wanting

The more of the foundation that she paints on

the less she reveals all of her reals

Her self esteem becomes Bankrupt with out her makeup…

bag full of lies

Lip sticks, eye lines

Foundation on Foundation

Her compact is like crack.

Addicted to it’s tricks

And the way it enhances her pix

In the morning she barely recognizes who she is.

Completely uncovered her reals are revealed.

& Without her frames Ms Vain is ashamed of who she really is.

She rather cover it all then to bare it

To be seen in public as completely flawless

Yet generic.

in the world with her make up on

she feels less transparent.

So everyday Ms Vain puts on her frames

And high heels as if she entered a pageant

She struts her stuff with every step

I know you can imagine

She enters a room and doesn’t have to demand attention.

The art on her face gets all the recognition.

With every stroke of the bush

Adds a new layer of deceit

Making sure You will never see the real person beneath

Yea She looks good now

But when she goes home

washes it all off and lays down’

She becomes a different person

Less competitive

And now a selfie virgin

She wont get caught dead without having on her foundation

Ms Vain

is not so vain

without her frames

Her competition is looking more assertive

Her natural beauty will forever go unnoticed

until she embraces

those flaws she can never be flawless.

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