If you’ve been staying in Bangalore, you couldn’t help but wonder how the climate has changed over the past two weeks. With the temperature already hovering around the mid-30s Celsius in February itself old timers can’t help but wonder what happened to the Garden City.

Below are some of the do’s and don’t’s to keep us safe during the long summer ahead:

Do’s during a heat wave -

· Always be hydrated: Carry water and oral hydration drinks with you at all times

· Rest in shade, take breaks if you must work in the sun

· Commute to work early if you can

· Wear light and loose clothes

· Use an umbrella or hat or cover head with a cloth

Don’ts during a Heat Wave

· Avoid going out during the afternoons

· Avoid extensive physical activity

· Do not send children or pets out in the sun or leave them in closed vehicles.

· Do not consume caffeinated drinks (like aerated drinks) and alcohol during extreme heat

· Avoid wearing dark, heavy or tight clothing

· Avoid cooking during peak heat hours. If you must cook, open doors and windows to ventilate the cooking area adequately.

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