A Beginners Guide On How To Take Pictures Of Flowers Demonstrated By El Patio (The Backyard) Gallery

El Patio is a sacred place, it is a place where “Don Jesus” has not only build with his own two hands, but is his most sacred treasure in the world. Through this pictures I hope I can show you just how beautiful everything looks, and how I took them. Thank you and I hope you enjoy “El Patio”

El Nopal

1. Get closer

My grandfather has an array of Cactuses in his backyard, from the distance it may not look like much, just some straight lines of green, but if you get closer than you can appreciate it’s beauty.

La Enredadera

2. Get closer

I love zooming in into the subject I once heard someone say “If you do not find your subject interesting get closer” Sorry if it wasn’t said that exact way it is a famous quote, but it is a lesson that still stays with me, zooming in or getting closer makes everything better.

El Abuelo Ignorando

3. Do not fret about your subject looking at you or not

They say you are supposed to always have your subject look at you, but I find it equally interesting when the subject is not looking at you. Sometimes they can even say more about how they are feeling by not looking at the camera, like the picture above. You get the feeling that he wasn’t in the mood for photos, or maybe he feels bad about something, and that’s why he doesn’t want to be photograph. Not looking at you is totally fine, do not get hang up on that.

La Flor Blanca De Japon

4. Use lighting to your advantage, not disadvantage.

Again get as close as you can to your subject, above, what makes this picture beautiful is not only how close I got to it, but the how the light of the sun is hitting the picture. If you are going to photograph a backyard, or plants in general make sure your lighting is optimal, and manipulate it however you want. For example the sun was hitting the flower from the right, and instead of fighting it, I said “ok”, and I made sure that I capture the photo from the direction the sun was hitting it, and this is was the end result, a beautiful halo that covered the whole picture. The only thing you have to worry about if you are going to play with the sun is to make sure there is no shadow of your body, nobody wants to see those.

El Cactus Y La Ciudad

5. If you are not going to get closer make sure your background is interesting

If you are not going to get as close to your subject as you can, then you need to make sure that your background is interesting, nobody wants to see just a wall or a clean color on the background, but If you can find something interesting, like here I found the city, then you re good to go.

El Hombre Araña

6. Transform into Black And White

This picture was taken at night, but with a little manipulation of lighting from my iphone, plus the correct settings on my DSLR, then you can get a quality black and white photo like this one. I will also give you a secret, if your photo is just not working in color transform it into black and white, sometimes it makes it so much better even worthwhile.

La Flor Rosa y Verde

7. Use Shallow depth of field

This is an example of extreme shallow depth of field, to get this shot where the background is all blurry you need to open up your aperature to the biggest setting posssible, mine was a 3.5 from there you manipulate your speed setting and voíla shallow depth of field. It is a very easy technique that is very effective when taking photos of plants, and flowers, or even portraits.

The White Plant

8. Use outside lighting

Taking pictures at night is way more difficult than taking pictures in the afternoon, but it is totally doable. For example here I used the flash, and lighting from an Iphone 5. I used the Iphone 5 to get most of the lighting on the top of the picture than the flash just encapsulated everything else. This off course took various trial and errors, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail the first couple times.

El Abuelo Caminando

9. When your subject is looking take as much pictures as you need.

One of the main reasons they want your subject to look at you, is because magic can happen. I took about twenty photos of him walking towards me, but this is the only one where he made this wonderful face. Do not be afraid to take even a hundred photos until you get what you want. I wanted something unique, and spontanous, and that’s what I got here.

El Patio Con La Ciudad

10. Use an interesting background

Again if you are not going to get close to your subject than make sure your background it’s interesting, here I had all the city lights to play with, which is why I took the liberty to take a picture from this far. So that’s it for my tutorial on how to take pictures of plants.

In summary

Get As Close As You Can To Your Subject

Use Shallow Depth of Field

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Transform into Black and White To See If It Makes The Photo Better

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