Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Even though the movie came out months ago at the time this is being written, it is a movie review which I think not only needs to be written, but wants to be written. Kingsman: The Secret Service directed by Matthew Vaughn, and based upon the comics of the same name infamously written by Mark Millar is one of the best spy movies in recent history, and why you may ask? Because not only does it fully embrace it’s spy-ness ridi-coolness, but it also revitalizes its genre into something completely new, and slick.

The Good

Like I’ve told you this movie is slick, from the clothes, to the editing, to the music, to the action it is all slick and cool, for this reason alone you should see this movie, and when you see it, you will know how right I am. But not only is the action, and movie slick, but it is also quite fun, right down to the simple, but incredibly effective story. The story pits a galant Colin firth against a lisp speaking Samuel L. Jackson. What else could you ask for? Well we also have Eggsy our titular character played brilliantly by Taron Egerton, this kid is oozing charisma, and when he finally puts on his suit, it is so well deserved because this character’s journey is a sort of drag to riches or pretty woman, but with a world domination spy twist.

The Bad

If you are not a fan of the spy genre, then this movie might not be entirely for you. As for me I love those old bond movies, with their secret gadgets, and world domination villains, and schemes, but if you are past that, this movie might be boring. But let me just say this. This is a modern twist on that formula, the characters swear, there’s blood, the action is a lot more brutal, and the character is not some god-like bond, he’s a kid from the ghetto with real problems which you can relate, so you may enjoy this one, let’s not give up hope.

The Mixed

There is a fight scene which happens on a church. This scene is one of the most twistedly and fun scenes in recent memory. It has all the makings of an ultra violent, but not gory tarantino scene. Think Kill Bill but without that much blood. What I am mixed about is that this scene happens with innocent civilians, civilians who are mind controlled into fighting but they are still innocent, so for that reason even though the scene was fun, I still felt guilt for liking it.

The Conclusion

If you are tired of the spy genre, and it’s ridicule plots, then you might want to skip this one, but I say might with a mighty tone, because you may also love it, is hard not too. If it weren’t for that scene in the church, this movie would have been incredibly fun all around. If you embrace the spyness then you will have a grand time, just like I did. So enjoy Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Originally published at on July 15, 2015.

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