Stop Looking For Productivity Tools! Get A Secretary.

For far too long only those at the very top have enjoyed the luxury that comes from having a secretary, since only few people can afford one. Having someone schedule your meetings, set your appointments, manage your schedule, and keep you on top of your stuff can make someone radically productive. Everyone should enjoy this kind of productivity and time maximizes. We thought in today’s world it should be possible, so we set out to accomplish this and create a virtual assistant for the masses, one that everyone could afford- a student, an entrepreneur, small business owner, realtor, lawyer, stay at home parent and frankly, anyone.

Righty transformed into the perfect solution. We use artificial intelligence to help our Rightys (assistants) be more productive, so one Righty can manage many clients at a time, yet provide the same complete level of service, lowering the cost to the customer to just $35 per month.

The artificial intelligence helps our Rightys be more productive, it doesn’t replace them. Therefore, unlike many artificial-intelligence-only, virtual assistants, our Rightys can understand people’s scheduling needs, help them build routines and keep people accountable just like an in-office secretary. Also, humans are not prone to software updates to correct program problems and bugs.

Artificial-intelligence-only virtual assistant solutions make too many mistakes, can’t be trusted, and help with only meeting scheduling. They don’t help manage your calendar, keep you accountable, provide you with information or feedback, or help you organize your time.

We maximize people’s productivity by scheduling meetings, helping them plan their day, and enforce their goals so the clients can concentrate on what’s important. We do the planning, you do the doing.

From 9am-5pm Righty offers a REAL human that you can text to be your right hand and help with anything you need for just $35 per month.

You can text them for information, feedback on something, to keep you accountable, you can cc them to an email and they’ll do the back and forth of scheduling, or just text them. They are there to take away stress and make your life easier.

Righty has become the ultimate productivity, organization, and accountability tool. The Rightys don’t help with extensive research, data entry, or social media, however they transform users into super humans who manage to do all that and more. Once you can manage your time effectively, it makes no sense to pay $2,500 a month for an assistant that helps with those kind of tasks. Instead, you can easily manage your time, save money, and accomplish more yourself.

We offer a 7-day FREE trial at We think 7 days will be enough to make people realize their potential if they just have a right hand throughout the day to schedule their meetings/ appointments, manage their time and help them reach their goals. People will be amazed at how efficient they can be and at how much they can accomplish in one day by just trying Righty.