5 Hacks for smarter life by Pebble Time

I believe Pebble bring us smarter life if we use it in smarter way. Today. I will show you how I hack my life by Pebble, actually my Pebble is Pebble Time Steel. Here is the tips.

1. Toward the Goal

To meet your goal, but we’re so busy everyday. The daily life may bother you and lose your focus toward your goal. So I love this COUNTDOWN app. It shows how many days remain to my goal. It reminds me and ask me “Are you still on the track to your goal or not?”

2. Drink water, Get healthy life

8-A-Day is another recommended app. It remind me to drink water each 3 hours, means generally human needs 8 cups of water each day for healthy life. That app is also selected as a winner of Pebble Time Line Challenge.

3. See what you are doing, Get healthy life

Misfit is one of my favorite gadget. I am happy to hear the announcement Pebble work as Misfit, See here. Pebble work as Misfit, and link with beauty Misfit app. This app track my daily activity, such as steps and burning calories, and track my sleep such as light sleep and restful sleep.

4. Into the zone

Improving your ability to focus your mind, to concentrate, we need to shut down the noisy information around us. Sometimes these information may bother you or interrupt you. To do this, I faced down my iPhone and turn on Pebble’s “Quiet Time” by holding left side button of Pebble Time, then I set 90 minutes timer to get me into the zone like athlete.

5. Prime time for creativity

Many successful entrepreneurs wake up early in the morning and use this time as prime time for creativity. Pebble’s Alarm wake me up by vibrating on my wrist at 5am in the morning. It is an effective alarm without bothering your family such early in the morning, so actually it’s prime time for myself:)

If you don’t have Pebble Time yet, here is the link you may think to buy it.

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