Arts And Crafts Typical From Myanmar

Myanmar Arts And Crafts


There marveous things, such as folk craft, betel boxes, cast bronze weights in many animal and bird shapes, old fabrics, instruments for tattooing and other myriad mysteries, as an attractive work. You can find it in many shops.


Myanmar craftworkers are very good at sculpture materials, from bones, wood and jade. Sandalwood Buddha statues and jewelery sculptures from jade, make especially valuable souvenirs.

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Cotton and hand-woven silk in abundance and in all colors of the spectrum. Silk woven pieces of one hundred or more shuttles, which create complex designs, which is unique to Myanmar. Fabrics and exotic blankets hand-woven made from ethnic tribes, are also available.

Lacquer ware

The most representative of Myanmar craft, lacquered objects comes in many forms: simple red, black and gold, ethed full of designs and gold colors, decorated with crystal inserts and fake gems. Products ranging from bracelets to furniture mats.

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Scenes from the local community life or traditional mtifs designed in gold and silver thread; Figures formed in silk and copper sequins on the velvet background. It is an old tradition, and once used only in royal palaces as environment separators.

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