Benefits of Red Lentils for Fatness

Red Lentils — Seeds of leguminous plants, split into two after treatment. They are prepared relatively fastly, especially in Indian eating habits like dal soup made of stocks, spices and vegetables, providing an important source of protein. One cup of red lentils contains 230 calories served before, but they are very nutritious. Red lentils improve your health and provide nutrients to help you lose weight and maintain weight loss.


15.6 grams of fiber per cup red lens bean provides 62 percent of the 25 day value recommended by the medical laboratory for women and nearly 50 percent of RDA of 38 for men. Fiber is essential for weight loss in two ways. He avoids blood sugar peaks and valleys that impede efficient use of energy and fills the stomach to prevent late carbohydrates as well as postprandial hunger when they enter the bloodstream. If your body’s food process occurs as you need, you need less and is easy to maintain healthy weight.

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Main Nutrient

​17.9 grams of protein in a cup of red lentils during penetration will contribute to weight gain and it is important to prevent unbalanced blood sugar, 40 g of carbohydrate into the bloodstream. When the body treats protein molecules or sugar and carbohydrates at the same time, it can effectively respond to new reserves of glucose where the body provides a constant flow of energy. Sustainable energy reduces cravings and overeating, which contribute to weight gain.

Glycemic Index

Exposure measurement of the level of glycemic index or food glycemia, red lentils is low. In a survey conducted by a researcher at the University of Toronto in 1988, participants who ate red lentils for dinner used better glucose at breakfast the next day compared to those who ate foods with high glyclemic index. Eating ow-glycemic food brings domino effect improving energy efficiency during a subsequent meal. As time goes on, it will help you to balance your energy with your diet such as red lentils during your meal, including more food.

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Serving Suggestions

In addition to traditional lentil soup of lentils, lentils will add the benefits of other dishes taste and health. Please cook the lentils and try using it as meat instead of the filler in the vegetable lasagna. Add rice, chicken salad and cooked lentils to ham. Puree cooks lentils with a blender and adds your favorite spice to make vegetable and chip bean dips.

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