Thanaka Benefits: Beauty Secret of Thanaka Powder

Beauty Secret of Thanaka Powder

What you need to know about Thanaka powder.

How well do you know about Thanaka powder? Are you curious about the Burmese with mask yellowish powder on their faces? Do you think that this is just a fashion? It may seem like just a fashion, but there is more magic in it.

Many people probably have less knowledge about the Thanaka powder, which has existed since ancient times in Myanmar. It was made famous by Queen Beikthano, to have a smooth and silky skin from using Thanaka powder. Recently Thanaka powder is not only popular around Myanmar, but has spread all the neighboring countries like Thailand.

Thanaka powder made of wood logs the Thanaka to log. Wood is coming from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Paste is prepared by kyauk pyin, adding a few drops of water during grinding logs by using a flat round stones that are used for grinding Thanaka bark. This is the essentials of beauty for Burmese women. Its taste is closely similar to Sandalwood.

What it is to be a magic is the ability to provide a healing force. Beneficial for the protection and skin problems of skin. Many of the experiments shows the Thanaka good thing to cure acne and skin diseases.

The advantage of Thanaka powder, using as a skin regimen.

For the sunscreen. In Myanmar, the heat from the sun is very tired. When you use the Thanaka, is applied to their faces, you can effectively prevent the ultraviolet rays and dehydration around their bodies.

Add some of the moisture. Thanaka powder provides a good moisture in the skin. It takes the balance of the skin of the production of excess oil. Excellent balance of moisture in your face, pores of your skin, it can support the best of pure perfection.

It is suitable for age spots and acne. Since Thanaka powder oil balance, to free your skin, it can prevent the defect of skin. Such as such acne pimples or spots. According to the study, heal Thanaka powder, in order to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun, is one of the best anti-bacterial.

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