Types Of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are used as a replacement of electricity, and are very useful in areas where access to electricity is difficult or in situations where it is preferable to have an alternative source of power available to the owner. Diesel generators are available in a variety of sizes, patterns and designs and are built and sold by many different myanmar companies. If you are interested in buying a diesel generator, become familiar with the different types available.

Contractor and Industrial Generators

Contractors and industrial generators used for construction sites and other places where the other power supply is not available. These diesel generators are generally large and designed to turn off a lot of energy for long periods of time.

Domestic Diesel Generators

Domestic diesel generators are used primarily as palliative when a home loses power. They are not as large as contractors and industrial generators, and usually have less power output.

Cooling Systems

While a diesel engine generator running, some type of cooling process is necessary in order to prevent the generator from overheating. Various diesel generators have different cooling mechanisms. There are two main types of cooling systems: air cooling and water cooling system. Both are effective, but the water cooling system proved to be much more durable.

Air-Cooled Diesel Generators

An air-cooled diesel generator based on the air that passes through the motor-generator to provide the desired cooling function. An air-cooled diesel generators do not have any additional parts for air intake except for specialist and typically can not operate, and the water-cooled diesel generator.

Water-Cooled Diesel Generators

Water-cooled diesel generators to achieve the cooling effect by an additional system, which makes the water flow around the motor generator is running. Engines with water cooling systems also come with a heat sink attached to them as well. Diesel generators for water cooling systems require more maintenance than an air-cooled diesel generators. The water level and the efficiency of the cooling system should be checked regularly.

Power Output

In general, while most diesel generators operate in substantially the same manner, diesel generators are available in a variety of powers. Diesel generators are generally classified according to the number of watts of electrical power which can extinguish. The range of diesel generators is very wide; diesel generator 3000 watt generator will effectively carry power tools, while the 30,000-watt generator can run the entire restaurant, and for an indefinite period of time.

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