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A nightclub is generally distinguished from regular bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a stage for live music, one or more dance floor areas and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music and where coloured lights illuminate the dance area. These places are best places to enjoy parties. We hope to see one day Myanmar’s clubs into this top 10 of best world’s best nightclubs !

10/ AMNESIA — Spain

Time flies, new clubbing generations come, the face of Ibiza changes, but Amnesia always stays one of the most famous club. Amnesia is a must-visit spot in Ibiza, a venue that epitomizes the soul and history of the island, a brand that has become synonymous with sleepless parties summer nights on the White Isle of Ibiza

9/ PAPAYA — Spain

Irreplaceable summer after beach parties, spectacular night parties featuring famous DJ appearances, view from the club overlooking the clear Adriatic and Velebit mountain — those are just a few things that make Papaya the best club in Croatia and the 9th best club


Echostage is DC’s newest and largest nightlife concert venue. Between a sprawling, 30,000 plus sq. ft. layout, top-tier sound design, and advanced LED visual displays, it’s no surprise that the versatile space — which opened in September, 2012 — has already attracted industry heavyweights such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Tiesto.

7/ PACHA IBIZA — Spain

Pacha Ibiza may not be the oldest, biggest, or even the most exotic Pacha, but it certainly is the most authentic, the most charismatic, and purest of them all!! With five different musical environments interlaced by stairs, doors and “secret” corridors Pacha Ibiza is the place where you would like to be seen or if you would rather… never be found.

6/ USHAÏA — Spain

Ushuaïa Ibiza is the ideal choice for those who come to Ibiza for the best beach and pool parties. With live performances of the top DJs in the world, the most exclusive day and night ambience in a modern setting and designed with all kinds of comforts, luxuries and VIP services.

5/ OCTAGON -Korea

Seoul’s Gangnam district is probably familiar to a few — well, over two and a half billion if Psy’s YouTube watches are anything to go by. In the last few years though its premier club, Octagon, has been gaining its own international reputation too, bringing big-room thrills to its subterranean lair underneath the New Hilltop Hotel.

4/ ZOUK SINGAPORE — Singapore

ZOUK is the most popular nightclub in Singapore that attracts not only local residents but also international travelers. Providing excellent clubbing experience to customers for more than 23 years, this award winning club has long been recognized as one of the best nightlife attractions in Singapore.

3/ GREEN VALLEY — Brasil

Technical improvements and international DJ bookings aside, it’s undoubtedly the people who party within its walls that brings Green Valley to life. And with Brazilian ravers some of the friendliest and hard-partying in the world, Green Valley is set to keep delighting clubbers for many years to come!


Simply put, fabric was conceived by people that go to clubs, for people that go to clubs. The club has three separate rooms (two of which feature stages for live acts) which each have their own independent sound systems. Aside from the unisex toilets, a unique feature of the club is the vibrating floor in Room One. Known as a “bodysonic” dancefloor, sections of the floors are attached to 450 bass transducers which emit bass frequencies, allowing clubbers to feel the music through the low end frequencies transmitted into their skeletons via their feet. The club occupies a total area of 25,000 square feet.

1/ SPACE IBIZA — Spain

Open for 27 years between 1989 and 2016, Space Ibiza was one of Ibiza’s oldest and largest clubs. It featured some of the World’s biggest techno, house and trance DJs, such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin or Luciano. 
Space Ibiza is the most awarded club in history, a party icon. It revolutionized the clubbing scene, creating the first afterhour in the world. When it closed, Space Ibiza had 5 rooms — 3 of them partially outdoor. (Sunset Terrace, Premier Etage and El Salón.) Main Room and the legendary Terrace completed the structure of this famous club, known for its fantastic atmosphere and big productions. The gargantuan opening and closing parties also featured a special outdoor stage.

Source : DJmag

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