How UK celebrity Scorcher Uses & his Creativity to give back to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable trust.

Jobs have been down and houses are being built less & less, people aren’t able to give to charities in conventional methods So, Scorcher, a well-known U.K Rapper living in the UK and performing around the world decided to get creative!

Scorcher, a top-rated Rapper in the UK Says; “Doing something that you Love for Work is so much fun! Now, I can have fun being creative for a social responsible purpose, and the opportunity it brings has been amazing. I started out just doing my “Nas Freestyle” in order to support The Stephen Lawrence Trust, a charity which I believe makes an enormous difference to young men in the UK, and now, big companies are using me to advertise them with other “Buskies.”

It’s super simple and easy to do! You can film a “Buskie” on your mobile phone, it doesn’t have to be filmed to a high quality, and all charities have the chance to be supported via Mybusks ,allowing them to engage a totally new demographic of supporters and providing them with a new and innovative way to support their cause.

There are a lot of talented people out there, and it’s a great way to make a difference for some great charities that need it. In a crazy economy, Mybusks is a new digital age.