MYbusks CEO: Tech mind Behind new crowdfunding app

CEO of MYbusks app, Techimes image

By Kansandra Purton

When most people think of the Tech, they think of world famous apps like Uber and Deliveroo. There’s another mobile app on the block and it has been leading the tech industry since his its launch on the Apple and Android store. MYbusks, may one day be a household name for artists trying to tap into the digital economy of crowdfunding with his growing roster of users making use of its platfrom.

In addition to being an innovative way to crowdfund for oneself, the platfrom allows users to raise donations for charities. after recording the video that you want to share with the world, users can choose for the moeny given to go to a charity of their choice meaning that they are using their voice for something bigger than just recognition and appreciation.

MYbusks was developer by a London based engineer Louis who aims create partnerships with major record labels that will bring valie to their cataologue of artsits and up and coming talents.

interviewed on Represent Radio the station Louis whose goal is to leave contributions to connect major companies like Live Nation, Warner Bros. and Charities. the interviewer says:

“So there’s a unique opportunity to leverage the landscape of social media and give people something usual as oppose to clout”

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