Raising for awareness for diabetes

We launched our very first challenge campaign this weekend supporting our friends over at Diabetes Awareness Foundation.

The 500ml challenge is simple yet fun and exciting. The concept is to drink a 500ml bottle of water in under 60 seconds and nominate 2 people who they would like to see participate in this challenge. If you have been nominated and you choose to accept you then create your own buskie completing the challenge, nominate 2 more people and so on and fourth.

Using the MyBusks platform the participant is able to create their own MyBusks profile to upload their video. As DAF is already one of our associated charities they simply have to choose DAF as their charity of choice and all donations will go directly to help fight and raise awareness against diabetes.

This challenge is one of many we hope to use our crowdfunding platform to help and promote others.

Look out for our app launching soon on both the app and google play store. Record, Donate, Receive straight from your phone!