English Golf Etiquette Goes Mad

I was invited to play golf at Wentworth today. The invitation has been accepted because I’ve heard that the new Chinese owners are about to hike up the prices and consign affordable golf at this beautiful course to the history books. I’ve read in the Times today that the Chinese will also be taking a huge stake in the UK’s nuclear power industry. I was in two minds about which I found most offensive until the following dress code was emailed to me by Wentworth Golf Club.

I’ve taken the view that Wentworth can do what they like with the prices as I have no wish to drink my Guinness in a 19th hole filled with people who need to be warned against bringing naked children into the bar whilst wearing a swimming costume. What a load of absolute nonsense!

Wentworth Dress Regulations

Clubhouse (including the Wentworth Grill, accommodation and events)
Blue denim clothing, sleeveless shirts and collarless T-shirts are not permitted in the Clubhouse.

b Smart casual clothing is acceptable in the Burma Bar, Grill and Lounge all day.

c Tracksuits and trainers may not be worn in the Clubhouse.

d Spiked or rubber soled golf shoes may be worn in the Bag Drop area, Locker Room and Professional Shop. Day shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse.

e Tailored shorts may be worn during the summer months; men must wear shoes, however socks are not mandatory.

f The wearing of hats in the Clubhouse is unacceptable, with the exception of ladies’ formal hats.

g The wearing of swimming costumes, even when covered by a sarong, is not acceptable.

h Children under the age of 10 will be allowed in the Clubhouse, but must be fully clothed, and under the supervision of an adult at all times.

My round of golf is booked for next Tuesday. My clubs, balls, tees, tailored shorts and ladies’ formal hat are all packed ready!

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