3 Years as a One Man Startup
Steve Ridout

It’s close to 2 years that I’ve been a one-woman start-up. While I won’t claim I know what you are going through — I can relate to your struggle. Incidentally I was reading another medium post of @henrysward where he says “The perfect business is a computer plugged into the internet. Starting with me, every human thereafter is overhead. And we are increasing overhead by 50%.” (How to hire, Jan 3 2016). Do you think this is true? I’ve had my learnings being a one woman army but I’d love to hear what you and others have to say about this school of thought.

BTW, I am working on an EdTech startup that combines English Language acquisition and News for k-12 students. I’d love to chat to see if there are ways we can work together. Good luck!

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