In my career spanning 15 years, I have seen many managers. Folks who have managed me directly or indirectly; Folks I have managed, who in turn managed others.

I have been extremely lucky to have amazing managers (I told a manager at a 1:1 once that Stanford was a school on my list to apply and she took me on a guided tour to the college when we were on a business trip to CA) and terrible managers (who have complained to me about their other reportees in not-so-nice terms — and have probably done the same about me to…

First of all — I really like your service! You guys have taken a real pain-point (the interfacing and communication one needs to have with the local doodhwala which in the case of Bangalore is the local supermarket to set-up or adjust a delivery and then to settle the bills etc. This is a pain-point because mostly the services are either super bad or super busy so tend to not care for the customer’s changing needs).

So for that reason I prefer to interface with your app, which for the most part is great. Clearly you can sense a but…

‘Startups are like babies,’ someone once told me. ‘.. they need your attention constantly.’ ‘You take your eyes off of them for one sec and they will fall off the rails. It’s a long commitment.’ I heard the advice, I dove in.

I researched, prototyped, tested, pivoted — you know the whole process. YoungCurrent was in MVP phase when we were accepted to join the Startup Chile program. The program that gave us just about the capital we needed to build the v0.2 we had envisioned for YC.

So, what did we build? After some healthy debate, we unanimously decided…

Yesterday, I was at an event for start-ups. I joined a couple of strangers, like I usually do, while they were in the middle of their conversation.

One was the founder of a company that did fashion rentals and the other was from an investment company that invested in their competitor. The two of them were battling it out — professionally, of course. When I joined in and we were done with our hellos and intros, they got right back to the topic at hand.

Founder: You see, western wear constitutes the day-to-day needs of an urban woman and we…

… have you guys really thought this through?.

I live in Bangalore, India — the start-up city. Every other ad I see is of an app. Since I’m in EdTech, that’s what I pay most attention to these days.

Recently, I heard a radio spot of an EdTech company on IndigoFM. The student in the spot is getting into a car with his dad because he is late for an exam. He asks his dad a doubt and asks him to hurry with the answer. The dad says ‘I’m sorry son, I can’t’. …

I really don’t remember much of my childhood. I only have some hazy and some very clear visions of my time as a ‘kid.’

I remember this one time when my parents helped me with a school project. We cut up a few vegetables in half, prepped our watercolors and started filling up a blank canvas. I loved doing that. Mostly because it helped me appreciate the shapes inside a vegetable. I think that is when I really decided the lady finger was my favorite vegetable :)

I remember a few other instances when I was creating something from scratch…

I like frameworks, mental models, processes — method to the madness. I like taking a very abstract and messy topic and putting it in order in my own head and for others if I can help it.

A lot of people think this is too right-brained. That not everything can be put into a framework or a process drawn around every single thing we do as humans. While I agree with this — I continue to notice and argue that the number of tasks, or ‘madnesses,’ that can not have a method to them are too few.

For those of you who consider yourself left-brained and believe frameworks are boring, here’s something to think about. Do you like metaphors or analogies? Then you like to put things in neat boxes as well. Like me.

This is a post I had originally written over at Fractus Learning. I am bringing this back here as I wanted to continue to update this post with advice for EdTech designers and Parents.

A friend of mine who is a trained software engineer and works in the Tech industry posted a link on facebook last week and swore that he is never going to hand his 3 month old son an iPad. Not now, not ever. I don’t blame him, with a title like that? [Here’s Why Steve Jobs Didn’t…

Inner peace isn’t easy

I believe in signs. Yes, I believe that the universe has a way of leading you to things you want and deserve by giving you a sign, nudging you to take that turn, plotting you to take that class, poking you to speak to that stranger, so on and so forth.

Let me clarify: Do I think universe is like a big sister who comes to your rescue each time you’re in trouble? Hell no! Sometimes she will abandon you and say “just deal.”

Now to the story of that day I saw the Dalai Lama.

It was yet another…

Also, why housewives are probably the toughest users to design for. Followed by school-teachers.

I was at a science fair (of sorts) a couple of weeks ago. Undergrad and postgrad students from various streams were showcasing the designs they built in a week in various verticals. One such vertical was designing simple solutions for the lower income groups in India. The students had done a little bit of user research and came up with solutions based on their observations.

One of the designs showcased was my instant favorite. It was an early prototype that basically lets you put a rough timer on the knob of your stove. A microwave-style timer for the indian gas…


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