So, basically, when we have lower levels of estrogen -PMS, menopause, etc- we are just like men…
Ana Frusinoiu


You know, I read lots of articles about how women shouldn’t smile all the time, don’t need to constantly apologize, should consider themselves first once in awhile — all to behave more like men, who get more respect as a result. How about THEY behave more like US? I love people who smile — I’m a grinner, myself, and I find people grin back at me, almost without intending to. I dig apologies when sincere, even if not entirely necessary (bus aisles are narrow, my bag is big, but thank you for apologizing for not being able to squeeze through that silly small space), and what’s wrong with being a little self-effacing? Just my $0.02. :) (she said, humbly, while smiling)

— shannon

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