Get A Self Drive Car in Bangalore and Visit These 5 nearby Beach Cities

When you are living in the middle of a hustling and bustling metropolis like Bangalore, there are often times when you want to escape into the wild. There are forests and of course mountains in the vicinity of the city, but if you’re a beach lover, then you’ll have to get a car and head out on a road trip.

While you may or may not have a car at your disposal, it’s always fun and convenient to opt for self drive car rental services. As you might know, you can easily get a self drive car in Bangalore from the many outlets spread across the city.

Why rent a car?

Well, it is feasible. If you’re young and probably don’t own a vehicle, like most Bangaloreans who fall into that demographic, you know how terribly you need a car of your own sometimes. With the car rental service, you can drive whatever car you want at any time of the day. You can get an SUV if you’re going with your friends, or probably a sedan if it’s just a trip for two, and drive to wherever you like (in this case, a wonderful beach!).

Now, coming back to beaches, there are many pretty ones a few hours away from the capital of Karnataka. Here are five of the beautiful ones in nearby cities which you can visit in your self drive car on rent:

1. Mangalore

The nearby city offers a serene seaside experience with quiet and calm beaches, especially Ullal and Someshwar. You can also visit the grand Panambur Beach, which lies beside a port. You can reach Mangalore in approximately 7 hours by road.

2. Udupi

The best thing about many beaches in Udupi is that they are remarkably well-preserved, without any trace of deterioration caused due to extensive tourism. You can visit Malpe, Kaup Beach, and, of course, the breathtaking Marvanthe. You can reach Udupi in 7.5 hours by road.

3. Pondicherry

The name is enough. A stunning colonial town with French architecture, lip-smacking delicacies, and brilliant beaches. The Paradise and Auro beaches stand out as the best of the lot. You can reach Pondicherry in 6 hours by road.

4. Gokarna

Karnataka’s very own version of Goa, Gokarna has become a tourist hub over the last few years. The Om and Kudle beaches offer you a serene Goa-esque experience, while the more quaint Halfmoon and Paradise beaches are for seclusion and relaxation. You can reach Gokarna in 8.5 hours by road.

5. Murudeshwar

World’s second largest Lord Shiva statue aside, the green and lush beaches of Murudeshwar offer a great escape from Bangalore. You can even enjoy sea diving there. You can reach Murudeshwar in 9 hours by road.

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