About Me…

I have always wanted to blog but no one would ever know its me, much similar to wanting to start a youtube channel but afriad i will get judged for being werid, is that really what the world has come to? That we judge each other for being different or expressing them sleves. Espically in girls why is it that with in 10 seconds of seeing another girl for the first time they have already judged each other without even having a conversation. Im a teenage girl and i think its dam hard being a girl and growing up in society today, girls judging girls each and every day. I mean come on if your a girl you know its already hard enough, right? i don’t see why we need this girl on girl hate as well. i mean i judge girls with out knowning them but i don’t mean to, its just like its a internal thing that happens. the thought always crosses my mind that they could be better than me in so many ways, a better personality, prettier than me, smarter than me, but these thoughts shouldnt cross my mind when i see another girl my age, she is going through exactly what im dealing with in life right now too… well i shall write again soon… — Some Teenage Girl

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