My addiction to the The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars….

Can i just say that they are both so fricken amazing, the cast of both are hot as well hahaha, stephan and damon from the vampire diaries dannngggg, wish i was a the vampire diaries. Within 3 months i had watched the full 6 seasons i think i have a problem. Moving on…. i can’t be the only one that has been following pretty little liars since almost the beginning, and dam within the first few eposides i was hooked and like 3 years later im still watching, i take my hat off to the writers, producers and the actors, like they have been going at this for over years, its pretty amazing to see where they have gotton. Season 7 came out yesterday and i have already watched it 3 times, problem or nah? But aghhh i will forever and always love the show and the cast, i am praying all the OG couples get back together, i ship them all. its sad it will be ending after season 7, but in a way i believe it was defs been dragged on way too far, but defs my 2 fave tv shows, i would recommend 125% for all teenages. i actually started watching gossip girl, and i was about 2 seasons in and my bestfriend just finished the last season of it what does she do? tells me who gossip girl is, i won’t spoil it for you but she told me who gets toegether and everything ahhhh so now i have got sick of watching it!!!! if anyone has any good tv shows i should watch let me know! — Some Teenage Girl